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Проектная работа "Big Ben & Ufa chimes - abreast with the times!" Модуль "Travelling. Town life"

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Название проекта – «Биг Бен и Уфимские куранты – в ногу со временем»

Автор проекта - Давлетова Алина, ученица 4 а класса

Руководитель –Бызина Лена Фаритовна, учитель английского языка

МБОУ Школа №44 г.Уфа

Big Ben and Ufa chimes - abreast with the times!

Welcome to London – the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. London is an ancient city. It is more than 20 centuries old. The population is more than 11 million people. The British live abreast with the times. I*m interested why they are very respectful of the time…Why?

I would like to tell you about one of the most famous clocks in the world.

The Westminster is the aristocratic and administrative centre of London. It includes Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives, and the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben. It is the seat of the British Government. The building is very beautiful with its 2 towers and the huge clock called Big Ben. The Houses of Parliament is the largest modern building in the richest Gothic style completed in 1857.

What is Big Ben

Big Ben is the large bell in the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament. It is the biggest clock bell in Britain. It weighs 13,5 tons. The Clock Tower, overlooking Westminster Bridge is 316 ft high and 40 ft square. People are allowed to get inside the Tower so that they can see the work of the clock. There is no lift and there are 340 steps up to Big Ben. The dial of the clock is very large. It*s made up of solid glass windows. The minute hand is 14 ft long. The hour hand is 9 ft. The figures are 2 ft long.

It*s interesting that the Clock «Big Ben» came into service in 1859. More than a century it is accurate to the second, and never broke. The sound of Big Ben striking is well-known to all British people. You can hear it every hour in London. Daily it transmitted by radio as the time signal.

Londoners say «Big Ben is the bell that rings when the clock gets to. Big Ben is actually the bell but everybody thinks it*s the tower, and they are wrong, it*s a very big bell!»

The clock and the bell got their names after Sir Benjamin Hall, Chief Commissioner of Works when the bell was cast in 1856. He was a tall man, whose nickname was Big Ben.

In September 2012 the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament was officially named «Elizabeth Tower» after the 60th anniversary of the reigh of Elizabeth II. She was crowned in 1952. And still Elizabeth II is strong and beautiful as well as the famous Clock Tower in GB!

The Clock Tower, which contains the hour-bell called «Big Ben», is used as a symbol of Britian. It is known the world over.

Big Ben is telling the right time always. I think that’s why the British live abreast with the times.

Let*s come back to Ufa – the capital of Bashkortostan. The population is more than 1 million. I*m sure that the most of Ufa residents are very respectful of the time like Londoners.

Do you know that there is «Big Ben» in our city too? Students and pupils call this nickname the building with the clock chimes. This is the most famous clock in Ufa.

What are Ufa chimes

The clock chimes are installed on the building of Ministry. It*s located on 95, Pushkin street, Soviet square. House of Industry was built according to the project of architects Lubarskaya, Kozlov and Khomutov in 1956. The building is very nice. There is a small tower and a gilded spire with a five-pointed star on top of it.

Ten years later it was decided to install the clock mechanism in the small tower of building. Since 1967 Ufa residents celebrate the New Year on the Soviet square under the master clock-chime. You can hear it every hour in Ufa. In our days the modern computer performs all the operations of the clock mechanism.

It*s interesting that through the speakers and amplifiers the sound of the floor clock «Yantar» is transmitted. Chief engineer of the city administration – Ramzis Khaziev says «The voice» of the real clock «Yantar» sounds more melodic than a computer voice.»

Studying Big Ben and Ufa chimes I came to the conclusion «Live and learn abreast with the times» This English proverb is true.


The clock chimes & the sound of the clock «Yantar»


95, Pushkin street, The building of Ministry, Ufahello_html_m4d3a2a26.jpg

Big Ben is the large bell in the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament , London hello_html_2de0c13e.jpg

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