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Проектная работа "Family tree"

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Нарисуй семейное дерево семьи Сэм согласно описанию.

I am Sam. I’ve got a big family: a brother Alec, a mother Alice, a father Jack. My father has got a brother, his name is Henry. Henry is my uncle. I love my uncle Henry and aunt Rose very much, but my cousins are very noisy. Sally is the eldest cousin and I have much in common with her. But John and Harry are unbearable (невыносимые). They always break my toys and cry. I’ve got 2 grandmothers and 2 grandfathers. Jack and Henry’s parents are William and Mary. Mary is very kind and loving. She always gives me sweets and money. I miss her very much.

Alice has got parents too, their names are Maggie and Bart. Bart is 78 and Maggie is 77. They live in the country, but visit us often. They also have another daughter Clare and I call her auntie. She is pretty and caring. She always brings presents for me and Alec. Robert and Florence are Rose’s parents. I don’t like them much because they are very strict and don’t let us play in the garden or go to the park.

So, meet my family. I’m glad that we are together and live without any quarrels (ссоры).

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