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Проектная работа на тему "Weather."

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The Private Secondary School «Consol»

Department of Foreign Languages



Student: Rysin Denis

the 3rd form

Coach: Dmitrienko S.M.

Simferopol, 2012


  1. 1.Introduction.

The topic of my report is weather. At each English lesson our English teacher asks me: “What is the weather like today?’ and I answer: “It is sunny today.” or “ It is cold.” I wanted to know why the weather changes. I think it is interesting and useful to know. Working on my report I read books, surfed the Internet.

The aim of my research is

  • to learn the information about weather changes;

  • to trace the water cycle;

  • to explain how the Sun makes winds;

  • to find out what favourite type of weather is.

2. Sunny.

The sun is a star. It’s very, very hot.The sun has lots of heat and light. Heat and light from the sun come to Earth. The heat and light make Earth warm so we can live here. Some places are warm and sunny all year and they have no seasons.


Some places have seasons. In summer, there’s more light from the sun, so it’s warm. In winter there’s less light from the sun, so it is cold.



Rain falls from the clouds in the sky. There are many raindrops in a cloud. When small raindrops meet, they make one big raindrop. When there are lots of raindrops, rain falls to Earth. When rain falls, water goes into rivers. Water in rivers goes into oceans. When it’s sunny, water at the top of the ocean gets warm. Some of the water goes up into the sky. Water in the sky makes clouds. Then rain falls again. This is called the water cycle.



Do you see clouds in the sky ? Some clouds are gray and some clouds are white. Gray clouds have many raindrops. White clouds don’t have many raindrops. When it’s cloudy, big clouds stop some light from the sun coming to Earth.


5. Snowy.

When it is very cold in the sky, water in clouds is ice. Some ice falls to Earth. When it falls, the ice is snow. When snow falls on warm ground, the snow melts. Then the snow is water again. Some water goes into the ground and it helps plants to grow. Some water goes into rivers. When snow falls on cold ground, it’s white everywhere. When lots of snow falls on houses and streets, people can’t drive their cars. Then they can’t go to school or work.



Wind is air that moves. In the sky there’s air. The sun makes the air warm. Warm air goes up into the sky. In the sky it’s very cold, so the air gets cold. When the air is cold, it goes down again.


Wind blows. A breeze is wind that blows slowly. A breeze can blow flags in the sky. Some winds blow fast. A hurricane is wind that blows very fast. When there’s a hurricane, people are scared. A hurricane can blow down trees and houses.


7. Warm and wet.

In the Tropics, it’s warm and wet all year. Many rainforests grow in the Tropics. In a rainforest trees get lots of light and rain and they grow very tall. Many animals live in warm wet rainforests. Monkeys live in trees and they eat nuts and fruits. Birds fly from tree to tree. Birds eat insectss. They eat nuts and fruit too. Small frogs drink raindrops on the big leaves of rainforest trees.


  1. Cold and dry.

In the Arctic and the Antarctic it’s very cold and dry. A lot of the water is ice or snow. There are no trees – plants can’t grow in these places. There’s white ice or snow everywhere. There aren’t many animals in the arctic and The Antarctic. There are no leaves, no fruit, or nuts for animals to eat. Seals swim in the oceans to find fish. They eat lots of fish and they get very fat. This helps them to be warm.


9. The practical part of the study.

What weather do you like? I asked this question to the teachers and the students of the 3-5th forms and I got the following data: 5 people like rainy weather, 3 people like cloudy weather, 18 people like snowy weather, 1 person likes cold weather and 23 people prefer sunny weather.

10. Overview.

Sum up, people can’t live without weather. It can be different: hot or cold, dry or wet, cloudy or windy. All types of weather are very important for people, animals and plants. Most of all people like sunny weather when it is warm.

11. Resources.

1) Read and discover: sunny and Rainy by Louise Spilsbury, Oxford, 2012.

2) Kidzone.ws/water/

3) weatherwizkids.com


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