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Проектная работа по английскому языку Му School

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

средняя общеобразовательная школа № 15

города Рязани

Исследовательская работа по английскому языку

Му School

Работа выполнена:

Захаровой Анастасией

ученицей 7Б класса


Дунина Елена Олеговна

учитель английского языка

2015 год


1. Введение стр.3

2.История школы стр.4-5

3. День открытых дверей (экскурсия по школе) стр.5-9

3.1 Актовый зал стр.5

3.2 Кабинет биологии стр.5-6

3.3 Кабинет английского языка стр.6

3.4 Спортивный зал стр.6-7

3.5 Кабинет истории стр.7

3.6 Кабинет физики стр.7

3.7 Кабинет химии стр.7-8

3.8 Кабинет математики стр.8

3.9 Кабинет искусств стр.8

3.10 Кабинет русского языка и литературы стр.8

3.11 Библиотека стр.8-9

3.12 Столовая стр.9

3.13 Медицинская комната стр.9

3.14 Кабинет директора стр.9

4. Известные выпускники стр.9-10

5. Заключение стр.10

6. Список источников стр.10


В нашей школе учащиеся изучают английский язык . Нам всегда интересно заниматься на уроках английского языка. Мы много читаем, переводим, обсуждаем, участвуем в конкурсах, викторинах по английскому языку. Мне всегда хотелось создать что-то необычное, что бы заинтересовало не только учеников нашего класса и школы. После изучения на уроке английского темы « Школа», родилась идея экскурсии по школе на английском языке в День открытых дверей, который проходит каждый год в нашей школе.

Предлагаемая работа представляет собой экскурсию по средней школе № 15 города Рязань. Работа знакомит с историей школы, с ее выпускниками, показывает современное состояние.


Представление гостям своей школы на английском языке, популяризация изучения английского языка среди школьников. Формирование культуры исследовательской деятельности.


- узнать историю образования нашей школы;

- найти выпускников, которые являются гордостью нашей школы, города и страны;

-описать учебный процесс.

-обобщить материалы в письменной работе и презентации на английском языке;

-представить нашу школу младшим школьникам и гостям.

Методы исследования:

-поиск и переработка информации из разных источников;

-интервьюирование старейших работников школы;

-написание текста, перевод его на английский язык;


Этапы исследовательской деятельности:

-сбор информации;

-анализ и обобщение полученных знаний;

-планирование исследования;

-проведение исследования;

-обработка данных;

-письменное оформление;



The School History

School № 15 is situated in the center of Ryazan. It is one of the modern schools in Ryazan. It is famous for its high-quality education and strict discipline. The school has its history, customs and traditions.

The first mention about school number 15 was on the 18th of October in 1918. The first stage school housed in the former St. Nicolay Nobility School was renamed into the 15th Ryazan Soviet School. There were only 10 students at school that time. It was located on Dvoryanscaya Street (Polonsky Street nowadays).

In 1928 our school had a name of Engels. Good training workshops were opened there. The school grew and in 1932-1933 128 students studied and 11 teachers worked there. The head of the school was Stroeva O.M.

During the Great Patriotic War despite the hard times students attended classes. Like the whole country they took part in the creation of the Victory. They collected money for the construction of the plane « Ryazan Pioneer», collected warm clothes for soldiers, worked in hospitals, helped soldier’s families.

After the war our school became the 15th women’s seven-year school. It has 826 students. The headmaster was Bezukladnova . She lived in the school. Our school library started from her personal collection of books. That time the school took part in social activities. There were Timur teams at school. Students collected paper and iron, took care of 60 mass graves, grew corn. 8-9th grades students had training at plants and in summer they worked on the farm New Way. In 1957 students grew flowers for Moscow festival. In 1958-1959 they grew rabbits . There were a lot of clubs at school (shooting, handicraft, physical club, choir). Our school had own broadcast and published a newspaper «The Mirror».

In 1961 the school became the first full day school in Ryazan. 319 students studied at school. They were there from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. They had two meals a day. Under the supervision of their tutors, children did their homework, attended clubs, played games. The headmaster was Ryazantseva A.P.

In 1971 the secondary school number 15 removed into the new building on Lermontov street. Headmaster was Kontarzhy A.P. There were 20 classes and 17 full day groups at school. 525 students attended classes.

In 1995 our school established sport classes for swimming training. In 1985-2010 the headmaster was Verezhemsky A.K.

  Now the headmaster of our school is Shadrina Svetlana Alexandrovnа.


The new Stage of development is the Stage of Modernization of educational environment. Main areas are understanding school education and strategic directions of development, deepening and expanding training. The Stage of Innovation development, which has features of establishment of a new educational model, advanced methods of teaching and organization of its own life, a wide range of opportunities in primary and secondary education, the exploration of new school development, providing modern technologies.Inclusion to the work of the urban experimental site, transition the educational institutions into new qualities, effective educational activities, appropriate the cultural and educational needs to the society.

The school is very well-equipped. It has a lot of specialized classrooms and labs.

The Open House Day

Let us introduce our school.

The Assembly Hall

We begin our excursion in the school assembly hall. Welcome! As you can see it has a stage and comfortable seats for spectators. The curtains and drapery on the walls make it very cosy. It is a very special place where the most important events in our school permanently take place. I mean conferences, meetings, parents’ evenings, concerts and parties of all kinds. The most popular events with our pupils are New Year parties, annual parties for school leavers, the meetings of English Clubs during the Week of Foreign languages etc. The hall is always specially decorated for such events.

For pupils who are engaged in after-class activities it is a place where they can act on the stage.

As the place is equipped with IT technologies we can watch films and presentations of different kinds.

The Primary School

Our primary school isn’t very large. There are 8 forms and more then 200 pupils there. Children have got a lot of subjects on the timetable. They study such subjects as Russian, English, PE, Nature Study, Handicraft, Reading and Maths.

At the lessons pupils learn to read, to count, to draw, to write. Sometimes they even play at the lessons. The first form pupils have an hour for a walk outdoors. Every day they have lunch at the school canteen. They often go to the museums, art galleries and theaters. During the breaks they usually play different games and have fun.


There are a lot of wonderful teachers who help little children grow up, develop, get on with classmates and make friends.

The Biology Study

The first study to begin with is the Biology study as it is on the first floor. It is a spacious room connected with a small lab where microscopes and other learning and teaching tools are kept.

Biology is a branch of science which studies living things. The pupils of primary school have Nature study on their timetable. Then pupils have zoology – the scientific study of animal world, botany – the scientific study of the plant world and then they study the human organism (anatomy).

As for me, I am looking forward to study the elements of microbiology, the branch of biology that deals with microorganisms. Up-to-date equipment, the Internet access makes it possible.

I think biology is a very important science as with the help of it people will cope with such serious diseases like cancer, AIDS, heart and vessel problems etc.

The English Study

As the most of pupils of our school learn English we have some English studies.

Now we are in one of them. It is rather large, comfortable and well furnished: desks and chairs for pupils, our teacher’s table with a computer on it, some bookcases where we can always take something interesting to read.

We have already been learning English for six years and it has always been fun: singing songs, watching English films, learning poems, reading and listening stories, making projects, playing games and even acting on the stage. Of course, we have grammar drills and tests but IT technologies and a smart board make this process easy captivating and doesn’t give us the hump.


Sport is an important part of every child’s schooling, as it plays a big role in both their physical and mental development. It teaches children how to work as part of a team and cooperate with others, while at the same time improving their physical condition.

We have 2 gyms in our school: one for primary pupils and one for pupils of a secondary school. They are on the ground and on the first floor and have all necessary sports equipment.


We have PT lessons three times a week. When it is cold, we have them indoors. The most popular sports activities are running, jumping, working out, playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis etc.

In winter our PT lessons are held outdoors: we ski on the nearby territory.

Swimming is especially popular with the pupils of our school as there are sport classes in our school.

As you see we have rich sports traditions. The annual Day of Sports helps to keep them. During the day we have different kinds of competitions and try to be school champions.

The History Study

Welcome to the History Study. We began learning History in the 5th form with studying the first humans and ancient civilizations.

I think History is a very important subject. Every minute of our life is history of the mankind. Today’s events can soon enter history books. I can say every person lives in the past, present and future.

We live in the 21st century in a fast changing world, the world of new ideas and new technologies, but we shouldn’t forget that our present life has been prepared by everything that has happened on our planet so far.

The long history of mankind is not set of books on our shelf or a string of half-remembered events or the past. Our history is what we are now. It explains things to us and warns us about the future because – as the sayings goes – history repeats.

The Physics Study

This study is on the first floor .It consists of a classroom and a lab where all necessary equipment is kept.

Physics is the study of things that occur naturally, such as heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism etc. It studies particles smaller than atoms. It learns how to save and conserve energy. It tries to find alternative sources of energy. Scientific breakthroughs in physics make space explorations possible.

The Chemistry Study

We study chemistry in the classroom on the second floor. It consists of a classroom and a lab for keeping chemical substances.


Chemistry is the science that deals with nature of substances and the ways in which they act on, combine with each other. One of the urgent problems in chemistry is creating new materials (materials with new characteristics).

The Maths Study

No science can exist without making calculations. So, I agree that Mathematics is the queen of all branches of science.

At school we study algebra and geometry. The first one deals with numbers and calculations. The second one does with measuring. The subject is very important to me .

The Arts Study

In our school there is a study of fine arts. Here children from the first to the eighth forms are taught by the creative teacher Astashina Natalya Viktorovna. Here, children learn to draw, compose a picture, pick a color, build patterns, learn paintings, sculptures and monuments of architecture. At the lessons of drawing children get acquainted with the history of Russian culture and other countries from ancient times to modern times.

On the walls of the classroom beautiful children’s works are been hanging, which they have drawn at the lessons. The students of our school go to different competitions on drawing and often win prizes. The school exhibition with their works is in the hall on the ground floor.

The Russian and Literature Study

The Russian and Literate classroom is a large and light classroom. There are a lot of fiction books by different writers there. We read them, discuss them and write compositions at the lessons of Russian and Literature. We learn a lot of grammar rules, prepare for the exams, and have tests at the Russian lessons.

The lessons of Literature are more exciting for us. We travel with books; they transport us into new words and introduce us to wonderful people. Books teach us to be honest, brave, devoted to our Motherland, to love and hate, to think. Reading is as important as exiting for us.

The Library

Our school has a good library. It’s situated on the ground floor. There are two rooms in the library. It has a large collection of different books on many subjects.

The school library today is a center for all kinds of communication: printed, pictured, recorded, and even electronically stored. We go to the library to read, look, listen, search, inquire, relax, discuss, learn and think.


Our librarian also selects and purchases books and other materials, organizes materials so that we can easily use them, answers our questions about facts, people, events, or advises us how to find the information we need.

We would like the library to have more computers and to have more space for books and studies.

The School Canteen

Our school canteen is on the ground floor. The room is rather large and light because it has lots of big windows. There are lots of tables and chairs for pupils. It always full of tasty smells.

At 10 o’clock we usually have lunch. For lunch we usually have porridge, yoghurt or cereal, tea or milk.

At 12 o’clock we come to the canteen to have dinner. It usually consists of soup, salad, meat or fish with vegetables and tea or juice. Fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, pears are on our tables all year round.

All food we eat at school is healthy, natural and nutritious. It contains a lot of protein, fiber and vitamins.

The Medical Room

A medical room is on the first floor in our school. In case of emergency, when a pupil feels bad a nurse can help him with or without medicine. She can take his temperature, feel his pulse, take his blood pressure, check his eyesight or take a sick to the doctor. In a case of emergency a nurse can call almost any specialist. Once a year every pupil of our school is examined by different specialists. All pupils are measured and weighed.

The Headmaster Office

The Headmaster Office is on the ground floor. It is large and light. We can see a lot of bookcases with different folders. We don not know the contents of these folders, but we think that there are a lot of important papers there.

Famous leavers

Among the leavers of our school there are famous people:

Darya Beliakina

She is well-known in swimming. Darya is Master of Sport of International class. The sportswoman was training hard to win.

She was the Champion of Russia and the winner of some European competitions many times. Darya has the name of the owner of the high number of records in Ryazan region ( records


in 17 distances). In 2008 she took part in the Beijing Olympic Games . In 2012 she was a participator of the Olympics in London.

Igor Krisanov

She studied at our school too and left it in 1981. Igor is well-known in our city as a showman. He is an organizer and a leader of the famous dance festival « Black Cat»

Pancrushin Igor Nicolaevich

He left our school in1981.He took part in the war in Afghanistan. Now he is a member of the Sovet of the veteran organization «Fighting Brotherhood«

Averyanov Aleksander Yurievich

He left our school in 1983.He served in landing troops and was at war in Afghanistan. October 23, 1985 he was lost in the battle. Aleksander was awarded the Red Star Order.

Rozhkov Igor Anatolyevich

In 1983 he graduated from Ryazan Military Airborn school He served in Afghanistan and took part in 9 war operations. Igor was a very brave and honest young man. He and his group killed many bandits and their leaders During one of the hardest battles Rozhkov was seriously wounded. He was awarded two Red Star Orders after his death.

And now many excellent students study at our school. In future they will be famous too.

Dear guests! Thank you for your attention. As we see, our school is a perfect place to study. It has its history and some its leavers came down to the history of the country.


В результате исследовательской работы по теме «My School» была создана презентация для выступления на конференции и проведена экскурсия для младших школьников. Результат систематической, плановой работы был очевиден. Учащиеся младших классов оценили качественную работу «экскурсовода», умение представить свою школу на иностранном языке. Многие задавали вопросы, интересовались школьными традициями и достижениями, и мы с успехом ответили на их вопросы, продемонстрировав хорошее владение английским языком.

Что касается лично меня, то английский язык стал интересовать меня еще больше. Улучшились результаты по предмету. Это мой любимый урок.

В будущем планируется создать буклет о нашей школе на английском языке.





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