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Проектная работа "Знаменитые люди" - 8 класс



People I am proud of”

Nickolay Nekrasov

Elijah Wood

Mikhail Lermontov

Project group:

Shemiakina Anna

Medvedeva Olga

Brikina Milena

Pelekhanova Marina

Stepanova Natalia

Medvedeva Anastasia

School № 93


The project group worked together to create this material.

The information was found by Stepanova Natalia and Medvedeva Anastasia

The texts are written by Shemiakina Anna and Medvedeva Olga.

The questions are worked out by Brikina Milena and Pelekhanova Marina.

The casting of pictures is done by the Project group: Shemiakina Anna, Medvedeva Olga, Brikina Milena, Pelekhanova Marina, Stepanova Natalia, Medvedeva Anastasia.



Nekrasov Nickolay.

(1821 – 1878)

His childhood wasn’t happy. Nickolay’s father was very rough and unkind. People called him “wild”. The little boy often saw tears in his mother’s eyes. He loved her very much and he devoted his first poem to her. He was just seven.

His mother allowed him to play with poor people’s children. That is why he loved them and knew all their troubles.

When he was ten he was sent to a gymnasium to study. In the fifth form he had a sudden illness and stood in bed for several months. So Nickolay couldn’t graduate the gymnasium.

His father decided to send him to a military school. But Nickolay wanted to enter the university and to become a poet. He had a secret copybook full of poems, which he wanted to publish in St. Petersburg.

It took him seven days to reach the capital. He came to St. Petersburg but didn’t enter the military school. His father got angry and decided not to send any money to his son.

So, the young man found himself lonely in the big town without any money or help. He would say: “I fought the poverty and I saw the hunger death face to face. When I was twenty four broken working for a slice of bread”.

But the strength inside him helped him to overcome all the troubles and difficulties. He became a real poet of the history of Russian Literature. The main point of all his poems was the poor people’s life with all the big difficulties and little joys.



Why Nekrasov?

Anna – Everything he had he did all by himself. His father refused to help him, but it didn’t stop him.

Olga – He had a very hard childhood, but he never complained and he loved people very much.

Natalia – He wasn’t afraid to contradict his cruel father.

Marina – I like risky people very much and he is one of them.

Milena - We have chosen this portrait because we want everyone to see and admire him like we do.

Anastasia - These pictures show Russian traditional life and Nekrasov was so close to Russian people.



Post – Project Questions.

  1. Why did Nekrasov become so famous?

  2. Why didn’t he continue his education in the gymnasium?

  3. Who his first poem was devoted to?


  1. Elijah Wood.

Elijah was born on the 28th of January in 1981 in Cedar Rapids in the USA. His first screen work was in 1989 in Paul Abdul’s clip. Then he was invited to star in several films. There are 19 films with the actor.

The last film “Master of Rings” was a boom. For his role of Frodo he got 3 million dollars. From his childhood he was dreaming of an “Oscar” nomination.

He is very shy by nature, he has his own inner world. He never knows what to do with girl’s attention. He says he doesn’t like insistent girls. He likes calm and gentle girls.

But he may show temper when he is working. Anyway he is very kind and full of joy.


Why do we like Elijah?

Anna – He is just 25, and there are 19 films with him already.

Olga – He got 3 million dollars for Frodo but he hasn’t got any star illness.

Natalia – I like the film “Master of Rings” very much.

Milena - We have chosen these posters because face expressions are very natural, his eyes are very expressive. We liked these posters from the first sight.


Anastasia - This is his Frodo, his great 3 million dollars character.


And this is the Ring – the symbol of the film.


Oscar is the sense of his life, he is dreaming of it.


Anna – And here are his film characters:

The Oxford Murders” - 2007


Gray hooligans” - 2005


Maniac” - 2012



North” – 1994


Paradise” - 1991


The War” - 1994


Post – Project Questions.

  1. What was his first screen play?

  2. When was he born?

  3. How much money did he get for Frodo?

  4. What kind of girls does he like?

  5. What can you say about his nature?


1. Lermontov – the poet.

Mikhail Lermontov was born in 1814 and died in 1841. His life was too short.

His family was not friendly, his mother died too early so his childhood wasn’t a happy one.

The child was very weak. His granny Elizabeth Arsenieva, who loved him very much, took care of the boy. She took him to the Caucasus to treat him.

Then he entered the university in Moscow and later to a military school.

He became an officer of the gusar troop.

Later he was exiled to the Caucasus where there was a war with the highlanders. He decided to retire but he couldn’t.

In the town of Piatigorsk in the Caucasus Lermontov was killed in a duel. There is a monument of Lermontov at that place now.


2. Why do we admire Lermontov.

Natalia – I think he is a great poet. I like him so much.

Olga – He was an officer but deep inside he felt himself a poet and became a poet.

Marina – He was a man of honor.

Milena – His poems are beautiful and they are loved by all generations.

3. Anastasia - “Mtsiri” in Russian by heart


Anna -

The mountain and the gun symbolize his nature and his death after a duel.

The forest and the beast mean Lermontov’s courage.

The little house with a hay roof is the place where his dead body laid.

The monument symbolizes his great life full of honor.

"A Hero of our Time"


4. Post – Project Questions.


1. Do you know the dates of his birth and death?

2. Where was Lermontov exiled to?

3. Where and how did Lermontov die?

4. Who took care of him after his mother’s death?

5. Can we say Lermontov was a hero of his time?

It was a team work


Milena - The project is a product of a long and hard work.

Anastasia – We hope you enjoyed our little “popular-person-show”

Marina – Read, watch, search, find out.

Natalia – Many interesting persons and things are around us.

Olga – They also might be found in our life, close to us.

Anna– The more interesting things we know the more interesting persons we are.

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