Инфоурок Английский язык Конспекты"Профессии, личные и профессиональные качества" разработка урока английского языка для 11 класса

"Профессии, личные и профессиональные качества" разработка урока английского языка для 11 класса

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Методическая разработка урока английского языка в 11 классе

по теме “Professions/ Personal and professional qualities”

МБОУ «Ванаварская средняя школа». 
Учитель  высшей категории Брюханова Ольга Юрьевна.



  Цели урока:


1.Знакомство с некоторыми профессиями.


1.Развитие умения формулировать выводы из прочитанного, спорить по проблеме, высказывать свою точку зрения. Формирование умения анализировать факты.


1.Формирование осознанного отношения к выбору профессии

Задачи урока:


1. Формирование произносительных навыков.

2. Развитие языковой догадки и лексических навыков.

3. Совершенствование навыков чтения с выбором необходимой информации

4. Совершенствование  навыков составления синквейна, навыков  говорения


1.Формировать потребность в коллективной работе. 

2.Развивать умение оценивать свою работу в группе и работу группы.


Компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, экран, раздаточный дидактический материал  (карточки).


Ход урока :

1. Организационный момент -3 мин


The teacher: You have watched some videos. What did they show? Look at the pictures and guess what we are going to discuss at the lesson today.

Student 1:  We are going to discuss professions.

The teacher: Yes, you are right. And now look at this words and say what else we are going to discuss?

Student 2:  Personal and professional qualities.

The teacher: Yes, you are  quite right.


                        Look at the plan of the lesson


1.  Revision of lexical material on the theme “Professions”.

2. Doing ex-s.

3. Getting  new knowledge about personal and professional qualities, doing ex-s.

4. Making cinquains.

5.Filling self-assessment  card.

7. Writing home assignment.

8. Reflection.



 2. Формирование произносительных навыков -2 мин.

        The teacher:  Ex 2, p 48 Listen, repeat and match




3. Основная часть урока: 30 мин


Проверка домашнего задания: (5-7мин)

Проверка знаний лексики


            Brush up your knowledge   


    Find the words with the similar meaning




Dull, uninteresting, tiresome




Profitable/gives satisfaction

Have the guts                                              

 Difficult but interesting


Not risky/ stress-free


 give high earnings / very competitive




Have courage







Find the words with the  opposite meaning


Stress –free

Self- employed









Work for a company







 Match the profession and the adjectives

a surgeon


a lawyer


an architect


a currier

Dangerous/ risky

a politician


a TV presenter


a journalist

Stress –free

IT specialist


A costume designer


A cashier


 a  fitness trainer


a librarian


a teacher





Have the guts to go through medical training


The teacher: Work in pairs (5мин)

Agree or disagree   

Ex5, p 49

1) Most people choose an ordinary but practical job rather than have an unusual ambition.

2)Being self- employed is better than working on a company.

3)It`s always a good idea to follow your parents` footsteps.

4) You must have the guts to go through medical training


The teacher: Look at the words. Mind the pronunciation. Let`s translate the words, guess the meaning. Now write  the words into 2 columns. (5 мин)




Professional or knowledge


Imaginative ,

well-educated , 

well- organised,



able to work to tight deadlines,

able to make decisions, initiative,

able to work in a team, competent,

responsible, communicative,

able to take risks,

 able to solve problems, inspirational,


intelligent, persistent,

negotiation skills,

computer literate,
























































The teacher: I `ll give you texts. Your task is to make up a Cinquain.  You should make it without the first line, so that your classmate  could guess the profession described in the text. Use the plan.





The plan  of Cinquain( Составление синквейна  5 мин.)


1)  The title of the theme- (1,2 nouns or adj+noun)

2) 2 -3 adjectives

3) 2-3 verbs

4)  Your opinion -a statement of 4 +words.

5) Repeat the first line but use another words. 



The teacher: Now we are ready to listen to your Cinquains


 Презентация учениками своего синквейна -5мин






The teacher: Are your ambitions ordinary? What job would you like to have?
What personal qualities do you have? What profession will suit you?

 Объяснение д.з  ( 1м)



1. Ex 8, p50   or   Ex 14,p52

2.Write an Essay (100-150 words)

 What profession will suit you, do you think?

 1) What personal qualities do you have?

 2) Are there qualities you can develop?
 3) What job would you like to have?
 4)Are your ambitions ordinary?

 5) What do you expect from your future job?

The teacher: It`s time to say about your work and fill in the self- assessment card. 

(5 мин)





Name :                                                              SEIF - ASSESSMENT CARD


Work done

 Achievements +/-

         Excellent / good/ Fair/ poor



Listening/ Reading




 Doing exercises




Speaking /Giving your opinion




Making  up Cinquain








The teacher: our lesson is over! Thank you and good-bye!






 Приложение 1


 Text 1

Being a teacher is a very important and noble job.  People who are intelligent, communicative, responsible, kind, and loving children can become good teachers. Love for children helps  teachers  to cope with difficulties. Schoolmasters teach students how to solve problems, communicate with each other, cooperate and give them advice. They explain the material of the lesson, direct them, coordinate their work. Teachers are responsible for students and their futures. All presidents, politicians, businessmen, actors, computer programmers  have studied at school and often remember their teachers. This job is challenging. Teachers are also called  schoolmasters, tutors, coaches,  mentors.


1)  -----------------

2)____ ____________________________________

3)________ ________________________________

4)______ _____________________________________________________

5)_______ _________________________________




Text 2


The profession of a surgeon is noble but very responsible and complicated.  The surgeon is in charge of people`s lives. Surgeons  make operations, treat people, cure people` diseases. You have the guts to go through medical training. Some people faint when they see blood. They have such personal and professional qualities as ability to make decisions, professionalism, and responsibility. So, they should be professional, courageous,  able to make decisions, responsible, clever. People say they go  the second after God because they give people one more life. They are doctors with a capital letter.


1)  -----------------




5)_____ __________________________________










Text 3


Politicians are people who take responsibilities for people and for the whole country. They are strong of heart, powerful, power- loving, ambitious persons. A good politician should have an ability to risk and take non-traditional decisions. They should use power not for their own needs but for improving the situation in the country and achieving definite aims. They should be ambitious  and persistent to  win in the elections. Usually  there are several candidates and they compete for votes of people. Their work requires return. Politicians should have negotiation skills. Vladimir Putin, the President of our country  is the best example of a real good politician.


1)  -----------------








Text 4


IT specialists are very knowledgeable and well educated people. They are wizards of the  computer world. IT specialists can be  IT managers of Information Technologies, programmers, administrators, specialists of information security and others. Information Technologies are used in many spheres: medicine, education, security, banks and others.  It`s a creative job. IT specialist  works out programs and appliances, writes codes for sites, creates systems of security, makes up instructions, repairs office equipment. This load of work takes much time. IT specialists are needy in commercial and state organisations. People  of tis professions  should be responsible, committed, attentive, able to work in a team, communicative, clever, have good memory and logical mind.

1)  -----------------










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