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Профессионально-ориентированная статья на тему "OVERVIEW: MCLAREN P1 SUPERCAR "


Overview: Mclaren P1 Supercar

Mclaren P1 Reviewhello_html_m6011009f.jpg


The developers of Mclaren P1 says that it is the best driver’s car in the world. It is not the loudest or the fastest car out there. But it is the most powerful, lightest and technically dazzling machine that you can purchase. The technology of this car is amazing: 727hp 3.8 liter engine V8 paired with a 177hp electric motor, electro hydraulically assisted steering, hydro pneumatic suspension and a wear wing that can be extended up to 12 inches.  


Mclaren P1 has a solid, refined and a stable steering, which provide precise handling capabilities to the users. In fact, it has more capability and performance than you can use. The ability to cover ground is pretty impressive and you can get excellent handling over the wheels. This things Mclaren P1 can do on a circuit is astonishing. You can switch in between normal, sport, race and track modes when you are driving a P1. The option you select will provide enough stability control to you on the road. The instant throttle response of this car can help you to achieve precise handling. 


The body of Mclaren P1 sits over a composite monocoque, which has a central tub that weighs about 90kg. The car has a bespoke structure. It comes along with a roof and has compartments to hold the electronics and hybrid battery. The frame also as a snorkel, which feeds air into the turbochargers.  


Mclaren has introduced a reengineered version of the 3.8 liter V8 3799cc engine to P1. This gasoline engine provides plenty of propulsion with bigger turbos. These turbos assist the car to run at a healthy range of 20.3 pounds of boost. The performance of this twin turbo engine is enhanced by the addition of a 131kW electric motor. Maximum combined power delivered by the engine is 903bhp at 7500rpm and the maximum torque is 664lb ft. at 4000rpm. It takes only 2.8 seconds for you to reach the speed of 60mps. Moreover, you can achieve a maximum speed of 217mph on this machine.


The interior of this car is completely deliberate. You can find fixed back carbon fiber seats with minimum cushioning. These seats are pretty comfortable and it has helped the developers to reduce the overall weight. Customers are provided with the ability to choose their preferred seat height. It has a widely adjustable steering wheel as well. Since there is a significant gap in between driver and passenger seats, you will find enough shoulder space. The brake pedal is specifically located dead ahead of the driver. This helps the driver to push it with either foot. The interior finish and fit of the vehicle is exceptional. 


The detailing of Mclaren P1 is exquisite and if you are looking for a racing car with the best appearance this is one of the best options available out there. While paying attention to fine detailing, the developers of Mclaren P1 have also considered about weight saving. The entire vehicle weighs 1490kg, which is pretty impressive.  


Manufacturer    McLaren Automotive

Production    2013–present

Model years    2014–present

Assembly    Woking, Surrey, England

Body and chassis

Class    Sports car

Body style    2-door coupé

Layout    RMR layout

Related    McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren 650S


Engine    McLaren M838TQ twin-turbo 3.8 l V8 + McLaren electric ECU motor

Transmission    7-speed dual-clutch

Range    300 mi (480 km) (EPA)[1]

Electric range    10 km (6.2 mi) (combined NEDC)[2]

31 km (19 mi) (EPA)[1]


Kerb weight    1,490 kg (3,280 lb)[3]


Predecessor    McLaren F1


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