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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / "Professions" Grade: 10 th form
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  • Иностранные языки

"Professions" Grade: 10 th form


Учитель английского языка Абжан Жамиля Абдинагикызы,

школа-лицей № 249 кента Айтеке би Кзылординской области

Grade: 10 th form

The theme of the lesson: Professions

The aims of the lesson:

to introduce the grammar theme and to consolidate the active words

to develop pupils reading, speaking, auding and writing habits.

The type of the lesson: mixed

The kind of the lesson: usual

The method of the lesson: explaining

The visual aids: a computer, an interactive blackboard

The Outline of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:

  2. Introduction of the active words

  3. Introduction of the grammar theme

to write the example on the blackboard

to explain the formation and the usage of the sentences




-er -or -ess -ist -cian -eer

farmer doctor actress therapist beautician engineer

baker educator waitress receptionist mathematician

butcher coeditor oculist musician

carpenter instructor physiologist technician

dancer translator pharmacist

operator economist



-man -woman -maker -player -worker -wright

mailman policewoman shoemaker chess-player iron-worker wheelwright

dressmaker tennis-player cartwright

glovemaker playwright


4. Consolidation of the active words

Profession – a job that needs a special education and training

Job – the regular paid work that you do for an employer

Occupation – a job or profession. What is your mother’s occupation?

What do they do?





Look after the finances in an organization

In an office


Bake bread

In a bakery


Shave men’s breads and cut men’s hair

In a barbershop


Serve drinks

In a bar, pub or restaurant


Prepare and sell meat

In a butchers shop


Clean and tidy rooms

In a hotel


Prepare and cook food

In a restaurant kitchen


Look after people’s teeth

In a dental office


Look after people’s health

In a hospital or surgery


Prepare and sell fish

In a fishmonger’s

Flight attendants

Look after passengers

In an airplane

Hair dressers

Cut and style people’s hair

In a hair salon, or beauty shop


Judge and sentence people

In a law court


Defend and prosecute people

In a law court and a law office


Look after patients

In a hospital or doctor’s surgery


Look after people’s eye sight

In an eye sight optician’s


Carry other people’s bags and luggage

In a hotel or trains station


Meet and greet visitors

In reception at a hotel

Sales Assistants

Sell goods and look after customers

In a shop


Arrange appointments, type letters and organize meetings

In an office


Operate on people who are sick

In a hospital


Look after people’s animals

In a veterinary surgery or office


Serve people food and drink

In a restaurant or cafe


The verb

The Meaning


To arrest

To take someone away legally to ask them about a crime which they might have committed

The police arrested the man on suspicion of murder

To bake

To make bread, cakes, cookies or pies

She baked the bread fresh every morning

To build

To make something by putting bricks or other materials together

They built the new houses near the town

To carry

To transport or take something from one place to another

The porter carried her bags to her room

To clean

To make someplace tidy and clean

The cleaner cleaned the office yesterday

To cook

To prepare food to be eaten by hearting it in a particular way

The chef cooked a beautiful meal

To cure

To make someone with an illness healthy again

The doctor cured his headache

To deliver

To take goods, letters, parcels etc. to people’s houses or places of work

The postman delivered my birthday cards

To engineer

To design and build something using scientific principles

They engineered the new building to the highest specifications

To extract

To remove or take out something

The dentist extracted the rotten tooth

To fix

To repair something

The carpenter fixed my broken chair

To invent

To design and/or create something which has never been made before

The scientist invented a new drug

To judge

To form, give or have as an opinion, or to decide about something or someone, especially after thinking carefully

The judge judged him guilty

To manage

To be responsible for controlling or organizing someone or something especially a business

He managed the whole department very well.

To mend

To fix something

The electrician mended my old computer

To nurse

To care for a person or an animal while they are ill

The nurse nursed the patient

To operate

To cut a body open for medical reasons in order to repair, remove or replace a diseased or damaged part.

The surgeon operated on the leg to save it from amputation

To phone

To communicate with someone by telephone

The representative phoned his customer

To photograph

To take a photograph of something or someone

He photographed the murder scene

To repair

To mend something

The plumber repaired my sink

To serve

To deal with a customer by taking their order, showing or selling them goods etc.

She served the customer his beer

To shave

To remove hair from the body, especially a man’s face, by cutting it close to the skin with a razor, so that the skin feels smooth

The barber shaved him very quickly

To type

To write using a machine, a computer keyboard or a typewriter

The secretary typed the report

To weld

To join two pieces of metal together permanently by melting the parts that touch

The welder welded the pipes together

5. Drill exercises

A)Listen to the definitions of professions, try to guess and name them

  1. someone who can count well and keeps the money records of a business

  2. someone who makes walls with bricks

  3. someone who designs clothes

  4. someone who writes computer programs

  5. someone who stands in front of the group of musician or singers and directs their playing or singing

  6. someone who gets cash or pays out money in a shop

  7. someone who works at the reception desk of a hotel

  8. (Am.) a doctor

  9. someone who changes spoken words from one language to another

  10. someone whose job is to design buildings

  11. someone whose job is to manage a company

  12. someone whose studies or works in physics


Prestigious jobs

Not Prestigious jobs











Abilities, qualities and skills

a guide

Should know several languages, be polite, communicative, adaptable,persuasive

a doctor

Should be well-educated, noble kind, helpful, observant accurate, caring, accurate, ambitious, persuasive

a teacher

Should be well-educated, patient, intellectual, accurate, hade-working, adaptable, persuasive, tolerant and should love children

an economist

Should be well-educated, rational, fast-thinking, adaptable

a judge

Should be well-educated, should be just and fair


Should know several language, communicative, polite


Should be well-educated, ambitious and just

6. Doing exercises

1) Your house is on fire a) A photography

2) Your car has broken down b) A dentist (a dental surgeon)

3) You want to go to a nice place for a holiday c) A hairdresser

4) Your hair is getting too long d) An auto mechanic

5) A filling has come out of your tooth e) A travel agent

6) You want a portrait photograph of yourself f) A fire brigade (firemen)

7) You want to redecorate your flat g) An interior decorator

8) Your grand piano isn’t sounding right h) A piano tuner

9) You need new glasses i) An optician

10) You have broken your table j) Welder

11) You want some iron to combine k) Plumber

12) You want to repair your water-pips l) Carpenter

7.Test yourself A)

1. Someone who cooks food in a restaurant is called a ___________.

A) chef B)manager C)cook

2. A person who builds furniture is called a ____________.

A)builder B)architect C)carpenter

3. Someone who plays professional sports is called an __________.

A) artist B)athlete C)accountant

4. A person who takes care of people in a hospital is called a ______________.

A) nurse B) barber C)scientist

5. Someone who helps you learn in school is called a _________.

A) doctor B) learner C)teacher

6. Someone who makes beautiful paintings is called an ____.

A) artist B) editor C)intern

7. A member of a symphony orchestra is called a __________.

A) plumber B)musician C)singer

8. A person who grows crops and raises animals is called a _________.

A) farmer B) fisherman C) chef

9. The person who takes care of your teeth is called a _________.

A) doctor B)biologist C)dentist

10. Someone who cuts men’s hair is called a __________.

A) hairdresser B) barber C) fire fighter


-er -man

-or -woman

-ess -maker

-ist -player

-cian -worker

-eer -wright

8.Topic “My Future Profession”

1.To choose a profession

2.To want to be

3.To be good at

4.Should be well-educated

5.Should be

6.In order to be a good specialist I must know …

7.If I say about daily activities of …

8.to reach pupils and to bring them up

to help people who has problems with health

to help people who is in trouble

to manage the office

to work in the computer science

to study everyday life and study

financial problems

9.Nowadays every specialist should know …

and should work on the computer well


Giving marks

Giving the hometask: topic “My Future Profession”

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Краткое описание документа:

The Outline of the lesson

1.      Organization moment:

2.      Introduction of the active words

3.      Introduction of the grammar theme

      to write the example on the blackboard

      to explain the formation and  the usage of the   sentences





-er                      -or                     -ess                  -ist                        -cian                    -eer

farmer               doctor                actress              therapist               beautician            engineer

baker                 educator            waitress            receptionist          mathematician  

butcher             coeditor                                      oculist                   musician

carpenter          instructor                                    physiologist          technician

dancer              translator                                    pharmacist

                         operator                                      economist




-man               -woman             -maker             -player             -worker             -wright

mailman         policewoman     shoemaker       chess-player     iron-worker      wheelwright

                                                  dressmaker      tennis-player                              cartwright

                                                  glovemaker                                                       playwright




4. Consolidation of the active words

Profession – a job that needs a special education and training

Job – the regular paid work that you do for an employer

Occupation – a job or profession. What is your mother’s occupation?



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