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Прогностический контроль за 1 полугодие для 8 класса (базовый уровень)

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Прогностический контроль за 1 полугодие.

Test for classes 8B, 8V, 8D, 8G.



2. Grammar. Choose the correct option.

1. Have you ever visited other countries? - Yes, I... to Italy and France.

a) was b) am c) have been

2. I feel really tired. We ... to the party last night and have just returned home.

a) went b) had seen c) are

3. Some millionaires have lots of money and ... what to do with it.

a)knows b) didn't c) don't know

4. What ... in this city again? – I`m working.

a) do you do b) are you doing c) did you do

5. When they arrived at the station, they ……. to the platform not to miss the train.

a) rushed b) will rushed c) rush

3. Vocabulary. Choose the correct option.

1. If you are sure of yourself, you are…..

a. self-assured b. shy c. generous

2. As you behave in practical way, you are…

a. clever b. practical c. genius

3. You always tell the truth, you are……

a. courageous b. dishonest c. honest

4. You look both ways to be sure that there is no car on the road before you cross it, you are……

a. creative b. selfish c. careful

5. If you always know what you want and do everything to get it, you are….

a. lazy b. disorganized c. ambitious

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