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Progress Check unit 4 10th form УМК Биболетова

Самые низкие цены на курсы профессиональной переподготовки и повышения квалификации!

Предлагаем учителям воспользоваться 50% скидкой при обучении по программам профессиональной переподготовки.

После окончания обучения выдаётся диплом о профессиональной переподготовке установленного образца (признаётся при прохождении аттестации по всей России).

Обучение проходит заочно прямо на сайте проекта "Инфоурок".

Начало обучения ближайших групп: 18 января и 25 января. Оплата возможна в беспроцентную рассрочку (20% в начале обучения и 80% в конце обучения)!

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Вебинар «Подростковая лень: причины, способы борьбы»

Просмотр и заказ свидетельств доступен только до 22 января! На свидетельстве будет указано 2 академических часа и данные о наличии образовательной лицензии у организатора, что поможет Вам качественно пополнить собственное портфолио для аттестации.

Получить свидетельство за вебинар - https://infourok.ru/webinar/65.html

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Progress Check – 4 10th form Вариант 1

Часть №1 Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. We asked Helen to help…about the house

a) us b) ourselves c) our d) we

2. We expected our friends…fast for a while.

a) to move b) moved c) will move d) move

3. Nowadays every country has factories…water and air.

a) pollute b) to polute c) polluted d) polluting

4. If you had given me more time, I…a better report last week.

a) would make b) made c) would have made d) make

5. Little children like look books with large print. They…read them more easily.

a) must b) can c) have to d) may

6. Our teacher always uses…information. Every day we discuss hot TV news.

a) progressive b) old-fashioned c) fashionable d) up-to-date

7. If she works hard, the company will give her…to a more responsible position.

a) promotes b) promoted c) promotion d) promotional

8. To be used…

a) of b) to c) in d) for

9. a) It’s nice to see you too b) You’re welcome

c) He looks wonderful d) I have no idea I’m afraid

10. Don’t look… me so angrily.

a) on b) from c) of d) at

11. It is …to leave without saying “goodbye”

a) regretful b) disappointed c) rude d) cheerful

12. She replied in a soft and low…

a) voice b) scream c) question d) cry

13. …it (stop) raining yet?

a) Did it stop b) Is it stopped c) Has it stopped

14. I saw a light in your window as I (pass) by.

a) passed b) was passing c) pass

15. That morning she went out after she (phone) somebody.

a) phoned b) had phoned c) phone

Часть №2. Образуйте от слов, напечатанных заглавными буквами в конце строк, однокоренные слова так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию предложения.

16. Friends call me Lucky because I don’t have to work. If I remember it

________, it was Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, who said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

17. I work for several magazines and journals, they buy my photos, and that’s why I can afford to make it my lifelong__________.

18. Throughout Australia you can find______rocks, awesome bush forests and amazing ocean waters.




Прочитайте текст. Подставьте вместо пробелов слова, данные в конце каждой строки, преобразовав их.

Our____________(19) in New York was arrive

spectacular. Its skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty

make a___________(20) sight. New beauty

York has a_________(21) of over seven million populate

and it is probably the word's most famous city.

The_________(22) of the ‘Big Apple’ come inhabit

from many different countries. There are

more________(23) in New York than in any nation

other place on earth. It also has more________(24) tour

than any other city except London,__________(25) special

in the summer.________(26)come from over the world visit

and have a__________(27) time. There are so many wonder

sights for them to get________(28) about enthusiasm

-whether it's some of the best museums in the

world or the charming little streets of Greenwich Village.

Часть № 3 Переведите на английский.

29. Вчера, когда вы пришли, я писал письмо.

  1. Я прочитал эту книгу в прошлом году.

31. Если лето не будет теплым, я останусь в городе.

32. Какие подарки ты обычно даришь своим друзьям.

33.Возьми зонтик. Идет дождь.

34. Дождь идет уже 2 часа.

35. Что ты будешь делать завтра в это время?

Progress Check – 4 10th form Вариант 2

Часть №1. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. When she is alone, she often talks to….

a) her b) herself c) she d) herselv

2. The day before yesterday Mary was made…the poem by heart.

a) to learn b) learn c) learnt d) learning

3. This house…in the 18th century looks very beautiful.

a) build b) to build c) built d) building

4. The team wouldn’t have lost the game if they …harder.

a) trained b) would train c) had trained d) train

5. She …sit here. The seat is free.

a) must b) may c) has to d) should

6. It is the least interesting book I have ever read. It is so…

a) boring b) fascinating c) exciting d) enjoyable

7. In a different job he could get a higher salary and better conditions of….

a) employed b) employment c) employer d) employable

8. To be responsible…

a) of b) to c) in d) for

9. I’m awfully sorry. I’ve torn your book.

a) You are welcome b) That doesn’t matter

c) I don’t like reading now d) I wish I could but I can’t

10. We’ve got to take…all the portraits in the classroom and dust them.

a) down b) up c) into d) on

11. Ken has always had…for horror stories. There are thousand of them in his bedroom.

a) an entertainment b) an excitement c) a fascination d) an impression

12. Most species of wildlife are endangered. Large areas of jungle are…too.

a) threatened b) beaten c) ruined d) despised

13. I can’t find my umbrella. I think somebody (take) by mistake.

a) took b) takes c) has taken

14. While my son (wait) for my call, somebody knocked at the door.

a) waited b) was waiting c) is waiting

15. After I (write) all my letters, I went to the kitchen to make coffee.

a) wrote b) had written c) write

Образуйте от слов, напечатанных заглавными буквами в конце строк, однокоренные слова так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию предложения.

16. Making a career choice is one of the most difficult and most important _______we will ever make in our lives.

17. They were all so______ill, they would be grateful for any help for them.

18. Everyone was ___________when I said that my main means of transport was my bicycle.




Прочитайте текст. Подставьте вместо пробелов слова, данные в конце каждой строки, преобразовав их.

Americans talk with________(19) of their government proud

and_________(20). They seem certain that they have institute

more________(21), better laws and stronger leaders. free

But even the most________(22) patriot

Americans have a few doubts.

________(23) is one problem area, and so is the law. There educate

are not enough clever teachers, and too many clever________(24). law

But Americans feel___________(25) that they can change confidence

things that don’t work. Americans want to be proud of their

President. They like him to be good-looking,_________(26), and a religion

good family man. They want him to be a good_________(27). talk

They expect him to keep the prices down at home and to keep the

country looking_____________(28)abroad. power

Часть № 3 Переведите на английский.

29. Послушай. Она поет новую песню.

30. Если он придет рано, он позвонит тебе.

31.Он смотрит телевизор с самого утра.

32. К прошлому году они уже закончили университет.

33.Я ничего не понимаю сейчас.

34.Мой брат часто слушает музыку.

35. Я буду работать завтра в 5 часов.


1. a

2. a

3. d

4. c

5. b

6. d

7. c

8. b

9. d

10. d

11. c

12. a

13. c

14. b

15. b

16. correctly

17. ocupation

18. impressive

arrival, beautiful, population, inhabitants, nationalities, tourists, especially, visitors, wonderful, enthusiastic

1. b

2. b

3. c

4. c

5. b

6. a

7. b

8. d

9. b

10. a

11. c

12. c

13. c

14. b

15. b

16. decision

17. seriously

18. astonished

pride, institutions, freedom, patriotic, education, lawyers, confident, religious, talker, powerful

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