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План урока по английскому языку на тему "Progress test 5. Geography and travelling"

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Lesson Plan #41

Teacher: Saniya Zhumabayeva

Date: 10.02.2016

Form: 9 “A”, “B”, “V”, “G”

Theme: Progress test 5. Geography and travelling

The aims of the lesson: to check pupils knowledge about geographical position, sightseeing of London.

Equipment: handouts, whiteboard.

Time: 45 min


1. The Union Jack is

a) the coat of arms

b) the national hymn

c) the flag of the UK

d) the union of 4 parts of the country

e) the anthem

2. Britain's national drink is

a) champagne

b) coca-cola

c) coffee

d) tea

e) wine

3. The is the national emblem of England?

a) a red rose

b) a shamrock

c) a poppy

d) a cat

e) an apple

4. The national bird of the UK is

a) a sparrow

b) a robin

c) a starling

d) an eagle

e) a chicken

5. The highest mountain in the UK is

a) Ben Cheviot

b) Ben Loch

c) Ben Nevis

d) Everest

e) Kilimanjaro

6. The longest river in the UK is

a) the Severn

b) the Thames

c) the Spey

d) the Reign

e) the Seine

7. W.A.Mozart was born in __ .

A) Australia

B) Austria

C) Holland

D) Wales

E) Canada

8. Oxford Street is famous for Selfridges. It is:

A) one of the largest department stores in London.

B) one of the most popular theaters in London.

C) the Queen’s residence in London

D) one of the largest museums in London

E) the largest cinema in London

9. How many parts is London traditionally divided into?

A) 5

B) 4

C) 3

D) 6

E) 2

10. What is the heart of London?

A) The West End.

B) Westminister.

C) The City.

D) The South End.

E) The East End.

11. Выберите верное соответствие: Country – nationality – capital: 
A) the USA – American – New-York
B) Canada – Canadian – Ottawa
C) China – Chin – Peking
D) Japan – Japan – Tokio
E) Australia – Australian – Wellington

12. Whose monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square?

A) Admiral Nelson               

B) Abraham Lincoln             

C) Winston Churchill            

D) John Glenn       

E) General Washington

13. 11. Выберите правильный вариант артиклей:

Londonis… capitalof… England and one of … most beautiful cities in … Europe.

A) - / the/ a/ the/ a. 

B) -/ a/ the/ -/ the.   

C) -/ the/ a/-/ a.    

D) -/ a/ - / the/ -.        

E) -/the/-/ the/-.

14. Robinson Crusoe met his friend … on the island.

A) Wednesday    

B) Saturday        

C) Monday         

D) Friday             

E) Sunday

15. “What is the official name of the UK?”

A) Great Britain  

B) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland             

C) England          

D) United Union

E) Wales

16. What is “Big Ben”?

A) University        

B) Theatre              

C) Exhibition         

D) Museum           

E) Clock

17. Who wrote “Hamlet”?

A) Shakespeare      

B)Jack London      

C)Mark Twain       

D)Robert Burns     


18. The oldest part of London is called …

A) The West End

B) The East End

C) The City

D) The East

E) The West

19. St. Paul Cathedral was built by the greatest architect …

A) Benjamin Britten

B) Din Reed

C) Columbus

D) Christopher Wren

E) Big Ben

20. Buckingham Palace has … rooms.

A) 650

B) 200

C) 350

D) 600

E) 500

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