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Промежуточная контрольная работа по английскому языку


Вариант 1.

Прочитай текст.

Tony Redford was a journalist. He wrote articles for a magazine called Business News. He was a young man, of medium height. He had rather long, dark brown hair and a small moustache. There was always a very serious look on his face. He looked even more serious that morning. He was in his boss's office. His boss was called Liz Davis and she was the editor of Business News.

«Well, Tony. Your first article about the electronics industry is going to the printer's this afternoon. It's very interesting. But what about your second article? Are you sure you can write two articles about the electronics industry? I mean, isn't one enough? » she asked. «Listen, Liz, I tell you that the second article is going to be more interesting than the first! Far more interesting! »

«I am going to get some information this evening about a small company called Shandor Electronics. The director is probably one of the best electronics engineers in the world. But nobody knows very much about him. Not even where he comes from. He lives on a yacht. He never visits his factory in Southampton. Someone goes to the yacht from the factory every morning in a helicopter. Now... I know an engineer who works at that factory. His name is Presley, and Presley tells me that Shandor has plans for a new kind of electronic brain. It's much smaller but far better than any other electronic brains on the market today. I'm going to meet Presley in Southampton this evening. I am going to use the information I get from him in my second article. Presley says Shandor is going to make some new kind of robot, too. But he doesn't know very much about that. It's one of the company's biggest secrets! »

Liz Davis looked more interested than before.

«All right, Tony. Go ahead with your second article. But finish it no later than the end of next week! Do you understand? I must have it at the end of next week! No later than that! »

Task 1 . Mark the following statements as True or False.

____1.Tony Redford was a journalist who wrote articles for a magazine called Moscow News.

____2.Liz wasn't sure that they needed two articles on the same topic.

____3.The director of the Shandor Electronics company went to his factory by helicopter.

____4.Tony was going to get some important information from one of the factory's employees.

____5.Presley is going to make some new kind of robot, too.

Task 2 . Write answers to these questions.

  1. What was Tony's first article about?__________________________________________________


  1. When was Tony going to get some information about the Shandor Electronics company?_________


  1. What plans did the Shandor Electronics company have?___________________________________


  1. When did Liz Davis want to have Tony's second article?___________________________________


Task 3. Correct the following statements according to the text.

1. Tony Redford wrote articles for a newspaper._____________________________________________ 2.The company's director was probably one of the best managers in the world. _____________________


3.Tony Redford's acquaintance(знакомый) knew all about the company's new plan._______________________


Вариант 2.

Прочитай текст.

Though no one is absolutely certain about the US flag’s origins, many believe that today’s American flag evolved from a British naval (морской ) flag used in the colonies. That flag had a Union Jack in the upper left corner and a red field upon which six white stripes were imposed to make a total of thirteen stripes, for the thirteen colonies under King George. After the American colonies declared their independence, thirteen stars replaced the Union Jack. Then Congress decided to settle on a flag with thirteen stripes , to represent the original colonies, and the stars to represent all the states in the growing union. And only about one hundred years later all the details of the modern flag were finalized. Congress decided that the stars were to be five-pointed. Stars have been added as new states joined the US. The fiftieth state, Hawaii, was admitted in 1960.

In the official coat of arms, the shield ( щит ) in its four quarters shows the lions of England in the first and fourth, the lion of Scotland in the second and harp of Ireland in the third. The shield is surrounded by a garter (подвязка) and the motto on it ( Honi soit qut mal y pence ) means “ Evil be to him who Evil thinks”. These symbolize the Order of the Garter, an ancient order of knighthood, of which the Queen is Sovereign. The shield, above which appears the royal crown, is supported by the English lion and the Scottish unicorn.

The motto across the bottom of the coat of arms ( Dieu et mon Droit ) means “ God and my Right” and is the motto of the Sovereign.

Task 1 Mark the sentences with the letter T if the information is true and with the letter F if it is false

_______1.The origin of the American flag is unknown.

_______2.The first American flag had an English look.

_______3.Thirteen stripes on the flag represent the colonies under King George.

_______4.Union Jack was replaced by the stripes on the flag.

_______5.When Hawaii joined America , the fiftieth star appeared on the flag.

Task 2 . Write answers to these questions.

1. How many stars are there on the American flag?_________________________________________________


2.What is the shield surrounded by?___________________________________________________________


3.What is the motto of the Sovereign?____________________________________________________________


4. The US flag has 13 stripes, hasn’t it?___________________________________________________________


Task 3. Correct the following statements according to the text.

1. After the American colonies declared their independence, fifteen stars replaced the Union Jack.____________


2. The shieldis supported by the Scottish lion and the English unicorn.__________________________________


3. About one hundred years later all the details of the modern flag weren’t finalized._______________________


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