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Промежуточный контроль ( 5 класс )

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5th FORM

Task 1.Read this text and mark these statements as T- true or F- false.

You are our teacher. You live far from our school. Mrs. Woodland is our teacher too. She gives us French lessons. She speaks French very well. When we know our lessons well, Mrs. Woodland gives us good marks. I’ve got a five for my French dictation. Sam has got a two. He always makes many mistakes in his dictations. Sometimes he makes ten mistakes, sometimes fifteen mistakes in one dictation, though he reads a lot. He makes two or three mistakes in every line.

This dictation is very long. There are twenty-two lines in it. Sam will make a lot of mistakes. I’ll make a few mistakes too. There are many difficult words in our dictation.

I think that Sam will get a two. I think (that) I’ll get a three today.

  1. Sam reads a lot. -…

  2. There are twenty-five lines in this dictation. -…

  3. This dictation is not very long. -…

  4. Sam always makes many mistakes in his dictations. - …

  5. Mrs.Woodland does not speak French very well. - …

Task 2. Listen to the story and mark the statements as T (true) or F (false). (Прослушайте рассказ и отметьте утверждения как верные (Т) или неверные (F).)


Now I’d like to tell you about penguins. A penguin is a bird. Penguins can’t fly. They live in the Antarctic. Feathers help penguins stay warm in cold weather. Their size helps too. They are fat! The penguin is black and white. Penguins don’t sleep during a day. They sleep at night. They swim fast and catch food in the sea. They eat small fish and stay under water for five minutes.

Words to the text

penguin — пингвин

to catch — ловить

Listen to the story and mark the statements as T (true) or F (false). (Прослушайте рассказ и отметьте утверждения как верные (Т) или неверные (F).)

  1. Penguins live in the Antarctic.

  2. Penguins sleep during a day.

  3. Penguins are thin.

  4. Penguins swim fast.

Task 3. Choose the right form of the verb.

  1. Her brother is watching/watches TV every day.

  2. We are writing/writes new words now.

  3. Dima swim/swims well.

  4. Look! They is playing/are playing football now.

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