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Промежуточный мониторинг по английскому языку

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Промежуточный мониторинг 4 класс к Spotlight 4

  1. Прочитай текст, потом предложения ниже и напиши какие соответствуют тексту, а какие нет. ( False, True)

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your letter.

We like doing a lot of things in our family. My dad likes diving. He goes diving three times a week. My mum likes dancing. She has dancing lessons twice a week and she always dances when we have a party. My granny likes cooking. She always makes yummy biscuits and cakes on Sundays.

My little sister likes painting. She has painting lessons once a week and she sometimes paints very nice pictures. I like playing the guitar and listening to music. I have guitar lessons on Saturdays.

  1. We like doing many things in our family.

  2. My dad likes singing.

  3. My mum likes dancing.

  4. She has dancing lessons once a week.

  5. My granny always makes yummy biscuits and rice.

  6. My brother likes painting.

  7. My sister has painting lessons once a week.

  8. I have guitar lessons on Sundays.

  1. Выбери правильное слово.

  1. There is not _____ milk in the glass.

  1. a lot of b) much c) many

  1. Is there any butter? – Yes, but not _____ .

  1. much b) a lot c) many

  1. There ____ some olive oil in the salad.

  1. is b) are c) am

  1. There _____ a lot of potatoes in the box.

  1. are b) is c) am

  1. He _____ got a lot of tomatoes on the plate.

  1. have b) has c) are

  1. Выбери правильный ответ.

  1. The lizards are sitting / sit in the sun now.

  2. I look / am looking at the funny animals now.

  3. The seals usually are swimming / swim in the morning.

  4. Look! The monkey climb / is climbing the tree.

  5. The elephant likes / is liking grass. (трава)

  6. The babies often are crying / cry in the afternoon.

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