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Проуроные план по английскому языку на тему "Memory"(10 класс)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Theme: Memory.

Aims of the lesson: Teaching: to enrich pupils knowledge, concerning the theme.

Developing: to develop pupils interest in learning English.

Up-bringing: to bring up pupils to be sensitive and fair.

I. Organization moment (duty’s report).

1. Who is on duty today?

2.What is the weather like today?

3. Who is absent today?

4.What was your home task?

II. Warm-up: Look at these numbers and objects for 30 seconds and try to memorize them.

1. Who has the best memory?

2. Which is more difficult memorizing numbers or words?

III. New lesson: How good is your memory?

How many phone numbers and dates of birth can you remember? Where were the Olympic games in 1996? Do you remember your first teacher’s name? What was your first birthday present? Where were you last Sunday and what you did that day?

Match the words and definitions?

1.enormous-very large

2.improve-to become better

3.lack- an absence or need for something- жетіспеушілік

4. decrease [di’kri:s] келу to become shorter, smaller

5.pack –complete set of playing cards

6.capable[keipәbl]қабілетті –having mental or physical ability.

IV. Change the words in italics[itәelic] белгілеу using the words from the text.

1.The territory of Kazakhstan in great enormous өте үлкен

2. I’ve been learning English for three years. It has become better. Improved [im’pru:v]-жақсарту, түзету

3. What’s the result of yesterday’s football match? Score есеп,счет

4. The number of unemployed people is becoming smaller decreasing-кему,азаю,түсу

5. We are short of money. lack- жетіспеушілік

V. New lesson:

Enormous-өте үлкен

Cerebral cortexмидың қабы

Cell- клетка,жасуша,камера( түрмедегі жеке адамға арн)

Pack of cards –ойын картасының бір комплектісі


Mental performance-ақыл-ой іс әрекеті



VII. Conclusion: Is there a club for superbrains in your city(town)? If there is one would you like to join? Why ? Why not? Inherit[ in’herit]-мұра ету,мурагер

VII. Your marks for today. Your homework ex.20 The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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