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Проверочная работа 7 класс

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Put up article the

Atlantic Ocean





South America

Pacific Ocean











  1. Match the question and the answer.

  1. In what countries is English spoken as a first language?

  2. How many countries have English as a second language?

  3. Is English spoken by people who have other mother tongues?

  4. What proportion of students in Russia study English at school?

  5. What do native speakers of English think about foreigners who speak English?

  1. English is spoken in Australia, The UK, the Bahamas, the USA, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and so on…

  2. The British think that English spoken in the world is not real English.

  3. People in 30 countries speak English as a second language.

  4. English is spread among the people who have other mother tongues.

  5. About 70 % of Russian students choose English as their first foreign language at school.

  1. Match the question and the answer.

    1. Alice (to go) shopping yesterday?

    2. They (not to choose) the dress for the party tomorrow?

    3. My sister (to go) already to Spain.

    4. She (to read) books in the evening every day.

    5. Sam (to buy) milk, butter, cheese in the shop now?

    6. He (not to drink) coffee with milk every morning.

    7. Nick (not to help) his mother yesterday.

    8. Mary (to decorate) her room tomorrow?

    9. She (to dance) a lot at the party yesterday.

    10. We (to discuss) this questions now.

  1. Make negative sentence.

    1. She cooks very tasty pies every weekday.

    2. Frank bought this electronic book two years ago.

    3. My friends have already gone to the cinema.

    4. I am watching film and am writing my homework at that moment.

    5. Mary and Nick like to ski in winter.

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