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Проверочная работа "8 класс"

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Test Unit 2 (8th form)


  1. protective clothes f) drop litter

  2. chemical waste g) throw away

  3. air pollution h) avoid such people

  4. strictly prohibited i) at least

  5. recycled paper a can of Cola

2) Choose the words which are always used with “the”:

1) Europe 2) Spain 3)USA 4)Urals 5)Bermuda 6)British Isles 7)Moscow 8)Volga 9) Black Sea 10) Baikal

3)Write nouns:

1)to damage- … 6) to research- …

2)to protect- … 7) to educate-…

3) natural - … 8) musical-….

4)to destroy- …. 9) cultural-….

5) historical- … 10) to explore-….

4) Define the type of conditionals:

a) If I were you, I would call her right now.

b) If people hadn’t polluted the planet, many animals wouldn’t have disappeared.

c) If we cut down fewer forests, the air would be clean and fresh.

d) If she were not so busy, she would have visited the little boy yesterday.

e) If we didn’t pollute our rivers and lakes, they would be full of fish.

f) If I had phoned him yesterday, I would be able to continue the research now.

5) Translate:

a) I’m not used to getting up early.

b) I don’t think I can get used to a situation like that.

c) Soon Jane got used to the strange sounds.

d)At first I wasn’t used to a strict discipline.

e)It took me a long time to get used to their language.

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