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Проверочная работа. 10 класс. Кауфман. Раздел 2.


Test yourself Unit 2

Form 10

  1. Listen to Alex and mark these sentences true, false or not stated.

  1. Alex is British.

  2. Alex`s family lives in Russia.

  3. «Mayonnaise Alexander» means «give may mayonnaise to Alexander»

  4. Alex speaks very good English.

  5. English is Alex`s first language.

  6. Alex`s Mum tells him a lot about Russian Literature.

  7. Alex found it easy to fit in in his English school.

  8. English pupils don`t like children from other countries.

  9. Alex`s best friends are Daniel and Lewis.

  10. Alex is not friends with Jessica anymore.

  11. Girls are often very bossy.

  12. There are a lot of interesting projects in Alex`s school.

  13. Alex and Daniel are rarely quarrel.

  14. Daniel is a good boy, but he doesn`t have a good sense of humor.

  15. Daniel used to be a very cute baby.

  1. Fill in the gaps with for or since.

  1. It has been raining _____ yesterday.

  2. Mary hasn`t had any guests ____ last year.

  3. Tom`s father has been building his house ____ two years.

  4. Alice has been on holyday _____ week.

  5. Peter and Kate have known each other _____ ten years.

  6. I haven`t gone out ____ three days. I have been ill ____ Saturday.

  1. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form – The Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Progressive.

  1. She (teach) ______ children all her life.

  2. Agnes (not eat) _____ since Monday. She is on a diet.

  3. How long he (look) _____ for a job?

  4. I heard a very funny song when I was ten. I (remember) ______that song since then.

  5. It (rain) ______ since 10 o`clock.

  6. They already (wait) ______ for his call for 15 minutes.

  7. She (learn) ______ French since she came back from her trip.

  1. Complete the sentences with the correct noun or adjectives. Add the correct suffix to each word.

  1. Don`t be afraid of my dog – it is very _______ . FRIEND

  2. I tried to say to her that it was _____ to go to India but she refused to DANGER

believe me.

  1. She gave me ______ advise and I solved the problem unbelievably fast. USE

  2. It was ______ that she would ignore my success. No doubt, she is always OBVIOUS


  1. The man was _____ of his daughter`s achievements. PRIDE

  2. Young people are always ______ and want to achieve the results immediately. PATIENT

  3. The project seemed to be ____ but due to his efforts the results were brilliant. HOPE

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