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Проверочная работа по фазе запуска за 9 класс Верещагина


Progresscheck (9 class)

Составитель: Конакова О.Р

Variant 1

1 Listening task

В2. The speaker talks about

 1. his/her fashion hobby.2. clothes popular with teenagers.

3. expensive trends for teenagers.4. his/her friend’s shopping habits.

5. his/her favourite shop.6. his/her favourite colours for clothes.













А1. Tom’s birthday is in: 1) summer.2) winter.3) spring.

А2. Monica gave Tom: 1) a pair of sunglasses.:2) a baseball cap.3) a box of sweets.

А3. Tom’s sister is: 1) exactly the same age.2) older than Tom.3) younger than Tom.

А4. Next year Tom is going:1) to start university.2) to start working.3) to continue school.

А5. Tom’s mother works as:1) an economist.2) an artist.3) a driver.

А6.The birthday cake for Tom has been made by:1) his mother2) a professional cook3) his grandmother.


1. Matching task

1) Early mobile phones

2) Annoying mobiles

3) Expensive mobiles

4) Fashionable mobiles

5) Multifunctional mobiles

6) Modern mobile phones

A) Lars Magnus Ericsson was the first man who had a telephone in his car. When he saw a place where he could get to phone lines, he connected to them with a pair of long electric wires. Then in Russia two Soviet engineers successfully tested a mobile phone installed in a car. It could connect to a local telephone network within 20 kilometers. A year later, two engineers from Europe tried to use antenna in the phone.

B) The company of mobile phones in Finland started to sell their products in 1970. There were several types of phones: 2G and later 3G. Third-generation phones are now used everywhere in the world. They are small, flat and very comfortable to use. Some people say that the only problem with the new phones is to remember all the functions. The mobile phone is often called the Seventh of the Mass Media (with Print, Recordings, Cinema, Radio, TV and Internet the first six).

C) In many countries, most adults and many children now have mobile phones. Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes, including keeping in touch with the family, running business, and for emergency calls. Children and adults often play mobile phone games or use the phone as an audio player. In Japan, phone companies provide immediate notice of earthquakes and other natural disasters to their customers free of charge. In the event of an emergency, disaster response crews can find injured people using the signals from their mobile phones.

D) Today’s mobile phones do more than just offer voice, email, Web and music services. They are stylish accessories, too. Cool design has always played a great role in digital business. People, young people especially, use the phone to express their self. Just like clothes, phones can carry a message of sports lifestyle, luxury, adventure or romance. Mobile phone companies introduce their new collections every season and it’s rather difficult to keep up with today’s mobiles.

E) Mobile phones have increased greatly in the world. Some people carry more than one mobile phone for different purposes, such as for business and personal use. The mobiles are to be seen absolutely everywhere – in schools, restaurants, theatres and even churches. They ring during lectures, meetings and in classical music concerts. In recent survey, 62 % of people said that the most irritating thing in their lives was mobile phones on the train!

2.1-True/2-false/3-not stated Restoring a Red Square Icon

Ever since it was built by Ivan the Terrible, St Basil’s Cathedral with its host of multi-coloured domes has been one of the most recognizable buildings in all of Russia. Today it is covered with green dust-netting. Builders shout to each other, as they winch materials to the top of one of St Basil’s towers. “It's like a visual icon of Red Square. I think it’s beautiful,” says an American tourist gazing up at the building.

A three-year restoration project on the cathedral’s exterior is just coming to an end. But inside, the walls – built over 400 years ago – are slowly cracking. There are fears Russia is in danger of losing its most famous landmark. If you walk up the dark and narrow staircase in the centre of St Basil’s, you emerge in one of the nine separate chapels inside the building. The walls are covered in old paintings and frescoes. But long cracks run through the brickwork. A report commissioned by the Russian Government has said the cathedral is slowly sinking into the ground and cracking apart. It warns St Basil’s could fall into ruin if its foundations are not strengthened.

The earth under the cathedral is more solid in some places than others. As a result the cathedral has settled unevenly over the years. So that’s why there are these cracks.

The use of Red Square for huge public events has also helped weaken St Basil’s foundations. During the Soviet years massive military parades were held here. Squadrons of tanks and missiles launchers would grind their way past the cathedral. In more recent years it has been used as the venue for rock concerts by the likes of Paul McCartney.

When tanks used to cross Red Square we could feel everything shake,” says Igor Mitichkin, the man responsible for the upkeep of all the monuments around the Kremlin.

Thank God there aren’t tanks any more. Gun salutes don’t really have any effect on the buildings. But rock concerts, if they are too loud, they do.”

Right across the road from St Basil’s is Number Five, Red Square. It is a long cream-coloured building with a green tiled roof, and a commanding view of the cathedral and the Kremlin.

There are plans to turn it into a giant hotel complex with an underground car park big enough for 600 vehicles.

The cathedral’s curator, Lybov Uspenskaya, says she has not been consulted about the plans for the hotel so has no way of knowing if they might further undermine St Basil’s.

Nobody has showed us any plans for the development. As for who’s in charge of it, they have nothing to do with us. We don’t even know which authorities are handling the project.”

Mrs. Uspenskaya is not going to question the new development. It is not her place to do so she says. Instead she will wait and then fix any new damage that is done to cathedral.

But she insists St Basil’s will still be standing as a symbol of Russia for centuries to come.

A 7.St Basil’s Cathedral was built during the reign of Ivan the Great.

A 8.The building of St Basil’s Cathedral is the most recognizable Russian construction.

A 9.Now St Basil’s Cathedral is being rebuilt.

A 10. All visitors of Red Square admire the beauty of St Basil’s Cathedral.

A 11.The basement of St Basil’s Cathedral needs fixing.

A 12.The basement of St Basil’s Cathedral is not evenly grounded unfortunately.

A 13.Military parades have led to cracks all over the inside walls of the cathedral.

A 14.Rock concerts do not do any harm to the building.

3. Use of English

1. The profession/occupation of a teacher requires patience and endurance.

2. I must/can/need go now. My friends are waiting

3. I want you to read the next/the nearest/next passage of the text

4. If I was/were/ am you, I wouldn’tdo/wasn’t do/done it

5. If I had bought/have bought/bought that dress, I would be/have be/have been the smartest yesterday.

6. They. are studying/ are learning/ are teaching the problem of pollution at present

7. Your idea sounds greatly/ great.

8. He treats his dog terribly/ terrible.

9. It tastes nice/ nicely. What’s in it?

10. My friends are mostly/ most non-smokers.

11. I’d like to hand down/over/out/in this ring to my daughter.

12. The child looked at the photo and broke into/away/down/out laughter.


Ex.g.:The weather is not fine and we  won’t go for a walk. – If the weather is fine, we will go for a walk”.

13.He speaks English badly: he has no practice. If…

14. I had a bad headache yesterday, that’s why I did not come to see you. If…

15. They made a fire, and the frightened wolves ran away. If …

4. Wordbuilding ( prefixes):

A word




A word with a negative meaning








To govern


























46. С1 You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Andrew.

... Last weekend my father and I went fishing. It was great. How did you spend your last weekend? Does your leisure depend on the season of the year? Do you prefer to spend your weekends with your parents or with your friends? Why?....

Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.Write 100–120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

Speaker A. My friend Lucy is a nice person but there are things about her that drive me mad. One of them is her way of buying closes. She actually doesn’t buy things she tries them on. Even if the color of the dress doesn’t zoo her at all, when jeans are 3 sizes bigger thenher’s, she will try them on anyway! Shopping with her takes so much time and affords. 

Speaker B. I don’t think that teenagers should wear something expensive but the clothes should be in line with their personalities. There are lots of similar looking things in the shops but if I want something really original I make it myself. I enjoy making all kinds of accessories like bags, belts, hand-made jewelry and decorations. I use different materials for this like leather, fabrics and other things.

Speaker C. I have dark brown hear and dark eyes. But my mum keeps me buying closes in beige, brown and dark blue. She says it’s elegance and practical, but I definitely prefer something in liker. Or ultra-yellow. Green is so bright, but it still looks natural. Yellow and orange remind me of the sun and uplift my mood. They are bright enough even in gloomy winter day.

Speaker D. Young people usually prefer active lifestyle. And this means that their closes should be comfortable, practicable and fashionable too. The best closes for teens have been usually jeans, t-shorts and jumpers. |They can be in different colors from dark ones to bright ones, different in style either plane or with prints and accessories but they are always trendy and fit for any occasion.

Speaker E.
I normally don’t like shopping for closes as it takes so much time and I simply don’t find it interesting, but when I go to see my friend I always drop in to a shop on the corner near her house. You can find all kinds of hand-made closes and accessories there. I bought a scarf and a pair of gloves there for myself. And I also buy all kind of presents there for my friends.

A−4: My friend is a nice person... shopping with her takes so much time and efforts...

B−1: I enjoy making all kinds of accessories like bags, belts, hand-made jewelry and decorations.

C−6: ... green is bright... yellow and orange remind me of the sun..

D−2: ... comfortable... jeans, T-shirts, jumpers... different colours and styles... they fit for any occasion.

E−5: the shop on the corner near her house... you can find all kinds of presents... presents to my friends.

Расшифровка записи

Monica: Hi, Tom!
Happy birthday!
Tom: Oh, hi Monica, I’m glad you found the time to come.
Monica: It wasn’t easy, really. It’s exam time. And I still have to pass two exams before Christmas.
Tom: You will, don’t worry. There is still two weeks before Christmas.
Monica: It’s not a lot! Anyway, it’s your special day today so this is for you.
Tom: What’s this? It looks like a pack of sweets.
Monica: Just take of the package and you’ll see.
Tom: Oh, ski sunglasses, they are beautiful, Monica. You knew just what to get. I’m going to a skiing holyday and your present is just in time.
Monica: I’m glad to hear it.
Tom: Please, come in. Let me put your capote and gloves in here. You are the first one, actually.
Monica: Oh, who else is coming? 
Tom: Some mates from my baseball school team, some class mates and my older sister. You remember that she is a university student, don’t you? She studies in Canada and works there two but she came here especially for my birthday.
Monica: Lucky you.
Tom: Yes, she always is taking care of me. Now it looks funny when I’m taller than her but she still treats me like a child.
Monica: But it feels good to know that someone cares for you. Are you going to that Canadian university too? 
Tom: I don’t know yet. I still have 2 more years at school anyway, so I’ll decide later. 
Monica: Your point. Oooh. You’ve got some nice pictures on the wall.
Tom: It’s my mum’s.
Monica: Is she an artist? I didn’t know that!
Tom: Kind of. She does it as a hobby. Our family and friends like them. 
Monica: She’s definitely has got a talent.
Tom: Yeah, but unfortunately she doesn’t have much time for painting. She is an economist in a large company and it often means working long hours. Sometimes she has to drive to her office even on weekend.
Monica: Yes, I can understand that. Is she going to be at the party? 
Tom: Yes, but she is doing it a bit later. She has to get my birthday cake.
Monica: Where from? 
Tom: From my grandmother’s. we never buy a birthday cakes in a shop. My granny always make them by herself and they’re delicious. She’s brilliant at it, you’ll see.
Monica: I’m dying to try it. Homemade things are always better. (doorbell) oh, so more guests have arrived. 

It's exam time and I still need to pass two exams before Christmas... it's two weeks before Christmas.

Progress check (9 class)

Составитель: ДаниловаВ.Г.

Variant 2

1. Travel/journey/trip/tour is considered to be an important part of education.

2. In 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg on its first voyage/travel/journey across the Atlantic, and it sank four hours later.

3. Jack London tried a lot of occupations/professions before he became a writer; he had been a sailor, a hunter and a gold digger.

4. Many of the songs performed at the concert were very lovely/ beautiful in tune.

5. We both enjoyed the same things but in different/ various ways.

6. Can/ should/ must you wait a moment, please?

7. You look tired. You must/would/should go to bed.

8. I have never liked studying Chemistry; it is the least interesting/ the most interesting /less interesting subject for me.

9. I think my teacher would be upset if I miss/would miss/missed a day of class.

10. I know you are looking forward to going there, but soon you will wish you were/would be/had been back home.

11. Dora enjoys skating and she also studied/ learnt / taught her children to skate.

12. Live and study/ learn/ teach.

13. The soup smells awful/ awfully.

14. The door was widely /wide open.

15. My room is more/ much larger than yours

16. I hate arriving late/ lately.

17. He came across/down /off/round with the flue.

18. My mother often saw me around/to/through/off to school when I was very young.


Ex.g.:The weather is not fine and we  won’t go for a walk. – If the weather is fine, we will go for a walk”.

19. He is busy and will not come. If…

20. The girl did not study well last year and received bad marks. If…

21. He broke his bicycle and so he did not go to the country. If

Образуйте новые слова, используя суффиксыили приставки:

A word




A word with a negative meaning








To pollute


























You have 30 minutes to do this task.
You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Andrew.

... Last weekend my father and I went fishing. It was great. How did you spend your last weekend? Does your leisure depend on the season of the year? Do you prefer to spend your weekends with your parents or with your friends? Why?....Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.Write 90120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.



B2: 41625

A1 -, A2- ,A3-, A4- , A5- , A6-



Use of English

1. Profession2. Must3. the next4. were/do (wouldn’t do) 5. had bought/have been6. are studing 7.Grealy 8. terribly 9. Nice 10. Most 11. Down 12. Into

13.If he practices more, he will speak better.

14. If I hadn’t had a bad headache yesterday, I would have come to see you.

15. If they hadn’t made a fire, the wolves wouldn’t have run away.

22. Dangerous23. Shorten 24.Government 25. Happiness

26. Childish 27.Musician 28. Memorize 29. Foggy

30. Advise 31.Waterless 32.impossible

Variant 2

1. travel2. Voyage3.Occupations4.lovely

5. Different6.can7.Should 8.the least interesting

9.Missed10.Were 11.Taught 12.Learn13.Awful14.Wide 15.Much16.Late17. Down18.off

19. If he is not busy, he will come.

20. If the girl had studied well last year, she wouldn’t have received bad marks.

21. If he didn’t break his bicycle he would go to the country.

22. Expensive23. Widen24.Pollution25.Kindness26.reddish

27. Politician28. Realize 29.Misty 30.practise31. rainless/unrein

32. Impolite

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Задания на базовый уровень:1-18, 22-32, заданияB2, A1-A6(аудирование), задания на чтение B1, A7-A13, личное письмо, монолог, диалог

Задания повышенного уровня: 19-21, задания B4-B12(словообразование и грамматика),

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Тестовый балл








Use of English






Личное письмо









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Тестовый балл/первичный балл


Чтение с пропусками












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