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Проверочная работа по теме "Indirect (reported) speech"

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Reported Speech

1. Make sentences in reported speech.

Example: She said to me, “Open the window!” – She told me to open the window.

  1. My mother said to me, “Put on your coat!”

  2. My friend said to us, “Don’t come today.”

  3. He said to Mary, “Don’t forget to send me an e-mail.”

  4. Karrie said to me, “Call me tomorrow.”

  5. She said to me, “Don’t shout at me!”

2. Fill the gaps with say and tell in the right form.

1. I…………her that she was my only friend.

2. Did he…………he would stay in New York?

3. She…………that she was going to invite me.

4. They didn’t…………us they were ill.

5. She…………she didn’t play the piano.

3.  Transfer the questions into reported speech

Example:  He asked me, “Do you know my sister?” – He asked me if I knew his sister.

  1. She asked John, “When are you going to come?”

  2. He asked her, “Who is your favorite actor?”

  3. A man asked me, “Do you have a car?”

  4. My father asked me, “Where were you yesterday?”

  5. Helen asked him, “Will you be at home?”

4. Complete the sentences

  1. He came yesterday.” She said that he had come……………

  2. My parents will arrive today.” He said that his parents would arrive……………

  3. I will contact you tomorrow.” He said he would contact me………………

  4. I was there the day before yesterday.” She said she was there………………

  1. Rebuild the direct speech. 

E.g.: I asked him if he was going to a health resort. – I said to him: “Are you going to a health resort?” 
1. I asked him if the doctor had given him some medicine. I asked him if he was feeling better now. 
2. I asked the man how long he had been to St. Petersburg. 
3. We asked the girl if her father was still in Moscow. 
4. I asked the girl what sort of work her father did. 
5. I asked if they had taken the sick man to hospital. 

6. Find the only sentence in reported speech without any mistakes. Correct the mistakes in other sentences.

1.      Mike told the policeman that he lost his identity card.

2.      Jane said to Dick that Julia doesn’t live next to her.

3.      She told the detective that she sees the thief in the house.

4.      He said that he ate nothing since morning.

5.      My girlfriend told me that she felt very bad, and she had a headache.

6.      Tom’s boss said to him that he hasn’t done the work properly.

7.      Anna said that she doesn’t want to wear her old dress.

8.      Her brother told her that they will have plenty of time to do their work.


7. Rebuild the direct speech using the sentences from the previous task 6:

1.      Mike (to the policeman): “You know, I …”

2.      Jane (to Dick): “You’re mistaken, Julia …”

3.      The woman (to the detective): “I am absolutely sure that …”

4.      He: “I …”

5.      My girlfriend (to me): “You know what, Mike, I …”

6.      Tom’s boss (to Tom): “Tom, as to your last report, I am afraid, you …”

7.      Anna: “No, I’d better put on something new. I …”

8.      Her brother (to her): “Listen, we …”


8. Make direct speech.

1. Mary wondered if Jane would be busy the next day. — Will you be busy tomorrow?

2. John asked Mary if she was afraid of thunderstorm.

3. He asked her if she had ever walked in rainy weather.

4. Mary told John that she preferred sunny days.

5. The woman asked her son if he was in a hurry.

6. Ann asked if they would go to the country the next day.

7. Kate asked her friend what she liked to do on her days off.

8. I asked the secretary if I might speak to the headmistress.

9. Nick wanted to know if Helen would give him her book.

10. Tom asked if Jane would come to the Philharmonic with him. Jane asked at what time he was planning to go. Tom said that it would take them long to get there. Jane asked where they would meet.

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