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Проверочная работа по теме Кадетский корпус

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Test ( OCMC)

1 Write (напишите) the plural form (множественное число) of the words.

1 an establishment, 2 furniture, 3 a purpose, 4 progress, 5 a hero, 6 a library, 7 a subject, 8 a class, 9 laughter 10 a title, 11 an order, 12 a duty 13 education 14 a pearl

2 Put the words in the right order

1 finished/M.V. Frunze/ school/this/military.

2 attracts/museum/a/of/visitors/lot/our.

3 is/military/sport/an/part/essential.

4 be/cadets/polite/should/educated/well/and.

5 cadets/part/in/different/take/many/competitions.

3 Correct the mistakes in these proverbs (исправьте смысловые ошибки в этих пословицах).

1 First speak then think. 2 Learn, capture and win. 3 Cadets` brotherhood is our health and wealth. 4 My home is my palace. 5 East or North home is best. 6 A friend you lose helps you win or choose.

4 Write these sentence in Past Simple and Future Simple.(напишите предложения в прошедшем и будущем временах.)

1 The territory of our military corps is large and beautiful.2 We have musical classes. 3 We study a lot of subjects . 4 Our reading room is cosy.5 They are good at swimming and running.

5 Match the sentences. (подберите к предложениям из левой части верные предложения из правой части).

1 Our Military school was a with 2 orders of the Red Banner

2 The first chief of the school b in the centre of Omsk

3 Many outstanding people were c founded in 1813

4 We are proud d was General Glasenap

5 It was rewarded e among the graduates

6 Our military corps is situated f of our Cadet Military Corps

6 Fill in the prepositions (вставьте предлоги).

1 Omsk Cadet Military Corps was founded …….the 14 th of May. 2 Many outstanding people were…….graduates. 3 Each platoon consists ……20 cadets. 4 There are classrooms………modern equipment. 5 A lot of cadets take part …….competitions. 6 Our military corps was rewarded ……….two Orders of the Red Banner. 7 I study……OCMC.

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