Инфоурок Другое ТестыПроверочная работа по теме "Модальные глаголы"

Проверочная работа по теме "Модальные глаголы"

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Тест модальные глаголы 11 класс


1._____ you help me with my homework?

Are B) May C) Can D) Need

2. You _____ enter without a tie.

aren’t B) can’t C) ought not D) weren’t

3 .We _____ leave now or we’ll be late.

has to B) must C) can D) will

4. If you had video, you _____ record it yourself tonight.

could B) can C) must D) may

5 .If you don’t feel better you _____ go to bed.

ought B) should C) don’t have to D) needn’t

6 .His illness got worse and worse. In the end he _____ go into hospital for an operation.

will have to B) must C) had to

7 .You _____ so many aspirins; and  you’ve had four already!

A)Must  take B)can’t  have taken

C) shouldn’t have taken

8.A: I wonder who took my alarm clock.

B: It _____ Julia. She was supposed to get up early.

A)mightn’t be B) can’t be

C)had to be D) must have been

9. I ___ go to see the doctor last week because I was very ill.

a)       Must b) must to  c) had to   d) had

10. I ___ go now because I am late for my class.

a)       Can  b) have   c) have to   d) had to

11. I will ___ able to come to your party if I have the time.

a)        Be   b) being   c)being to   d)be to

12 .Kendra ___ finish her homework on time, or she can't go outside to play with her friends.

a)       Must  b)   can't     c)    must have   d)    shall have

13      .His grandmother ... speak 5 foreign languages.

a)        Could  B) will  c) able to

          14 .I received a letter but there was not sender’s address. Who ... it be from?

a)        will    b) might    c)is able to

15 .I was sitting at the back of the theatre and ... hear very well.

a)        Can  b) couldn’t   c) would not

16 .Applicants for the job ... speak  two foreign languages.

a)        can be able to   b)might be able to    c)must be able to

17      .We were totally free. We ... do what we wanted.

a)        Can   b)could  c) will be able

18 .The fire spread through the building so quickly, but fortunately everybody ... escape.

a)        was able to  c)could   d)can

19 .Where’s Catty? -  She ... lunch now.

a)        can have    b)might be having   c)will have.

20. Although Pete played well, he ... beat Mike.

a)        cannot    b)could not   c)could

21. I wonder why he didn’t answer the phone. He ... asleep.

a)        may have been    b)must be    c)will be

22. Sarah hasn’t replied to my message. I suppose she ... got it.

a)        might have    b)might not have    c)would not

23. When you graduate, you ... get a good job.

a)        would     b)will be able to   c)couldn’t

24. Despite the fact that it was dark, he ... find his way.

a)        would    b)was able to    c)can

       25. I come in? Sorry for my being late!

a)        Will    b)May  c)Could

26. I ... reach him on the phone. He was out of town.

a)        would   b)сouldn’t    c)сan

        27. She ... help him tomorrow.

a)        could    b)will be able to    c)will be.

28 .Hi! ... I speak to Jim, please?

a)        shall     b) will    c) can

29. Cindy ... go out tonight. She isn’t feeling well.

a)        can    b)may not    c)will

30 .I can’t find my key I ... it in the shop.

a)        might have left   b)can leave    c)will leave


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