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Проверочная работа по теме "Present Perfect"

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Present Perfect

1.Сделайте данные предложения отрицательными

1. Jack has washed the dog. 2. Father has already cleaned his car. 3. Mr Snowdon has made a speech at the conference. 4. Granny has bought me some cakes. 5. They have paintedtheir old house. 6. Liz has bought some flowers. 7. My sister has just cooked breakfast for the family. 8. The cat has already eaten fish. 9. Mrs Gracy have gone to London. 10. I have never been to India. 11. She has just broken a vase. 12. We have cleaned the room. 13. Cris has phoned his friend. 14. The train has just arrived. 15. It has just started to rain. 16. Kelly has gone to America. 17. We have left our books to school. 18. The stree has changed a lot. 19. You have worked here for a long time. 20. Mandy has been to Greece.

2. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в Present Perfect.

1. John (write) his name. 2. I (draw) a picture. 3. Tom (blow out ) the light. 4. The cat (drink) its milk. 5. The tree (fall) across the road. 6. John (give) his bicycle to his brother. 7. You (make) a mistake. 8. We (eat) our dinner. 9. The train just (go). 10. I just (tell) the answer. 11. George never (be) in Australia. 12. John and Richard just (go away). 13. The baker (sell) all his cakes. 14. I (read) this book.

3. Дополните предложения правильной формой Present Perfect

  1. I know who your boss is. I (work) for him.

  2. Look! Somebody already (broke) the tree.

  3. Mary (go) to Moskow, but she’ll be back next Monday at the latest.

  4. Andy is in hospital now. He (have) a bad crash.

  5. Jane is crying. She (hurt) her knee.

4. Вы спрашиваете кого-то о тех вещах или событиях, которые происходили в жизни этого человека. Используйте слова в скобках, чтобы задать соответствующие вопросы.


(your daughter/be/to Russia?)

Has your daughter ever been to Russia?

  1. (you ever/speak/to your favorite football player?)

  2. (how many times/you/be heartbroken?)

  3. (how much time/you/devote/your education?)

  4. (you/see/Chinese films?)

  5. (you/read/books in Spanish?)

  6. (you/live/this country/all your life?)

  7. (what is the most beautiful place/you/ever/visit?)

5. Расставьте слова по порядку. Переведите получившиеся предложения.

  1. have – Britain – several – I – to – times – been

  2. Spain – since – she – lived – in – 1994 – has

  3. five – married – have – they – years – been – for

  4. I – coffee – made – already – for – have – you

  5. never – Bob – a bike – has – had

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