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Проверочная работа по теме "Семья"

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Проверочная работа по теме: «Семья», 6 класс

  1. Fill in:

N_ece, n_ph_w, a_nt, w_fe, h_sb_nd, un_le, c_usin, p_rents, d_ughter, s_n, m_ther, br_ther, yo_nger, _lder, f_ther.

  1. Complete the sentences: older or elder?

  1. Who’s… , you or me?

  2. Suzie’s father … than her mother.

  3. Next year I’ll be stronger and ….

  4. What’s your … sister’name?

  5. My … brother is four years … than me.

  1. The doll of her niece –

  2. The newspaper of her husband –

  3. The tail of a fox –

  4. The letters of your sons –

  5. The tickets of these women -

  1. Ex.7, p.140. lose – lost – lost . Write down the sentences in Present Perfect.

  2. Disagree with these statements.

  1. She has already swept the floor.

  2. The parents have just set the table.

  3. I have written a letter recently.

  1. Answer the question.

  1. you/ do/all your homework/ for today?

  2. you/prepare/ to the English test?

  3. you /bring/ your English books to school with you today?

  1. Ex.9, p. 141.

  2. Ex. 4, p.143.

  3. Put the suitable word in the gap: pudding, relatives, forks, aunt, spoons, cousins, knife, pies, table, parents.

  1. I have a lot of …

  2. He has got an … and two ….

  3. There are …, … and a … on the table.

  4. My niece likes to eat … and ….

  5. My mother and my father are my ….

  6. Has his uncle cleared the … ?

  1. Give the compliments to yourself. Use the words: clever, smart, intelligent, beautiful…

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