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Проверочная работа по теме "The Gerund"

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Определите функцию герундия.

1.He is used to getting up early

2.I object to paying for it

3.Smoking on board the plane is prohibited

4.Her task was looking after the baby

5. I began studying English when I was five

6.She insisted on applying to Cambridge

7.Her way of solving the problem seems very unusual

8. It is worth listening this music

Перевести с английского на русский

1.Teacher’s references are important for helping their students get into a university

2. She is used to sleeping on the floor

3. She was responsible for decorating the flat

4.What could prevent him from calling us?

5.I can’t help admiring N.Novgorod

Определите функцию герундия

1.She succeeded in buying a new flat

2. Mark is proud of getting a place at MSU

3.Eating fruit and vegetable is healthy

4.Her only hobby is surfing

5.Stop talking about this stupid film

6.My friend is fond of reading

7.He never had a hope of seeing her again

8. I was busy translating this text

Перевести с английского на русский

1.She was responsible for decorating the flat

2.There is a high competition to get into Cambridge

3. Tuition is free and every commoner had a right to get into

4.He will object to studying on holidays

5.He is fond of playing chess

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