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Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыПроверочная работа. Spotlight 10, module 1

Проверочная работа. Spotlight 10, module 1

10th form

Module 1 “Strong ties”


1. Fill in: shopping, moody, shoulder, individuality, sociable, selfish, voluntary work, patient,

  1. She's a _________ woman – she can be happy one minute and angry the next.

  2. I feel that I have energy to help other people, that’s way I regularly do ________ .

  3. Be ________ your time will come.

  4. Tanya is very ________. She never takes care of her parents or respects them.

  5. This dress with its original print shows your bright ________ .

  6. I often go window _______ when I want to relax.

  7. Ian makes new friends very easily; he’s so _______.

  8. When I entered the room they gave me the cold _______.

2. Fill in: out for, down on, forward to, after, up

1. This man looked always ___________sick relatives.

2. Look _______ broken glass on the floor. You can hurt your foot.

3. “A lot of people look ________ us because we're homeless,” she says.

4. He looks ________ summer holidays.

5. If you want to know how to cook this cake you can look _______ its recipe in my notes.

3. Underline the correct word

1. James and I get along very well although we don’t always see eye to eye / ear.

2. I can’t stand Michael. He’s pain in the back / neck.

3. Get off my back / shoulder and stop teasing me! I’m really not in the mood.

4. She’s so annoying! She always gets on my neck / nerves.

5. I’ve never seen Luke in such a bad mood; he’s like a bear with a sore back / head.

4. Use Present Tenses.

  1. The Music Festival __________ (start) on 5th May every year.

  2. The children _____________ (watch) TV at the moment.

  3. Sue ______________ (already / work) for this company for ten years.

  4. Kate is tired. She _________ (work) since morning.

  5. Bill ___________ (not / see) a fireworks display before.

  6. The concert _________ (start) at 7 p.m. So we _________ (meet) at 6.30 p.m.  

10th form

Module 1 “Strong ties”


1. Fill in: surfing, jealous, creative, nerves, trusting, imaginative, respected, extreme

  1. Do you want to do _______ sports this weekend?

  2. A ______ child believes everything you tell him and follows where you lead.

  3. Her husband is very ______. He doesn’t let her go anywhere alone and always checks her email and read her messages.

  4. You are an admired and _______ musician and songwriter.

  5. The first thing she does in the morning is _______ the Net. She is addicted to social networks. I don’t know how to help her.

  6. I love this artist’s paintings; he’s very ______ .

  7. Dave dreams of becoming president one day; he’s extremely _______.

  8. You really get on my_______!

2. Fill in: out for, down on, forward to, after, up

1. People from the countryside hate it when people from cities look ______ them.

2. I looked ______ my younger brother and sister while my parents were working.

3. I told Sally to look ______ the word in the dictionary.

4. The weather is very bad today. Look __________strong wind!

5. I’ve been looking _______ my birthday.

3. Underline the correct word

1. No one likes our new classmate and everybody gives him the cold eye / shoulder when he comes in.

2. He talks too much. He’s a real pain in the neck / head.

3. They never agree with each other. They don’t see eye to eye / back. \

4. I’m not a morning person. I’m like a bear with a sore paw / head when I wake up.

5. Get off my head / back. I’m in a bad mood today.

4. Use Present Tenses.

1. He _____________ (not / feed) the cows every evening.

2. ________ (he / wait) for me now?

3. I ____________ (already / write) an article about crime in big cities.

4. _____________ (you / go) to the park every day?

5. Nick _______ (play) a computer game for two hours and he is still playing.

6. “-What ______ you ______ (do).” – “I _________ (look) for my pen-knife.”

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