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Проверочный тест по материалу Модуля 7 УМК Spotlight 11

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Module 7 11 form

1.Fill in: long, achieve, attend, drop out, overcome.

1. She wants to … the Oxford University.

2. Anna … to become a figure skater.

3. My brother … many obstacles to succeed as a lawyer.

4. If they work hard, they can … their goal.

5. Every year some students…a course of study.

2.Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense.

1. If my parents were on business trip, I … (invite) some friends round.

2. I …(stop) and talked to you if I had seen you.

3. If it was my birthday, I …( have) a party.

4. We could go to the park if it …(not rain).

5. I wish I …(get) better exam results, but I didn’t study hard enough.

6. If I visit London, I …(see) the Tower of London.

7. I would read more books if I …(have) more free time.

8. If I …(go) to Laura’s party, I would have met her cousin.

9. If you don’t water the plants, they ( die).

10.I … (visit) Mary if someone had told me she was in hospital.

3.Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle.

1. We have the experience to carry… any tasks in this branch.

2. Pam carried … a diploma in the writing competition.

3. Don’t carry … staying out late!

4. Her kindness carried me … a difficult moment of my life.

5. She gives me one or two errands to carry… every day.

4.Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition or particle “to”

1. Most of her students succeeded …becoming professional sportsmen.

2. He graduated … university in 2000.

3. This agency is doing research … space technology.

4. If you cheat … an exam, you will drop out .

5. I long … finish school and enter the university.

5. Match the form exchanges.

1. How are you getting on at university? a Really well, thanks.

2. I’m going really well. b I can’t imagine.

3. Have you heard from Dan recently ? c I love it.

4. It’s really difficult. d That’s great.

5. How is your brother now? e He phoned me yesterday.


1. attend/ longs/ overcame/ achieve/ are dropped out/

2. would invite /would have stopped/ would have/ wasn’t raining/ had got / will/ had/ had gone/ die/

/would have visited/

3. out/ off/ on/ through/ out/

4. in/ from/ into/ in/ to/

5. c/ d/ e/ b/ a/

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