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Проверочный тест по материалу Модуля 2 УМК Spotlight 9

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Module 2 9 form

1 Fill in: take, gravity, household, make, extinct, sociable.

  1. There is a … in space.

  2. I don’t like doing … chores.

  3. My sister likes being with people. She is very… .

  4. the rubbish out, please.

  5. Nowadays lots of wildlife habitats become… .

2 Complete the sentences with the correct -ing or infinitive forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 Ben was watching TV instead of …(mow) the lawn.

2 What would you like …(do) tonight?

3 Kim wants …(finish) work early today.

4 We suggested …(go) to the theatre.

5 The teacher didn’t let me …(enter) the classroom.

3 Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold.

1 They are twins. I can’t tell the …between them .(differ)

2 Being in a city I usually miss the … of countryside. (quiet)

3 Please, do the physical … in your free time! (active)

4 My neighbor thinks he is never wrong. He is so full of … .( arrogant)

5 If you want you can do your chores later, there is no … . (urgent)

4 Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

1My parents live …a farm.

2 His office is right …the city centre.

3 Their cottage is … the suburbs.

4 This small café is …the corner of the street.

5 Most of their time children spend … school.

5 Fill in the gaps with the correct particles.

1 My handwriting is terrible. The teacher can’t make… what it says.

2 What do you make … your new classmate?

3 Jane should write children’s book, she is always making …stories for her kids.

4He’ll make … not doing his chores this week, he promises.

5 The thief made … the painting without knowing it wasn’t the real one.

Keys: 1 gravity 2 mowing 3 difference 4 on 5 out

household to do quietness in of

sociable to finish activity in up

take going arrogance on up for

extinct enter urgency in/at off with

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