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Проверочный тест по материалу Модуля 3 УМК Spotlight 9

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Module 3 9 form

1 Fill in: humped, illusion, dull, mythical, torture.

1 Cubist paintings often have … colours.

2 When we see one picture inside another we experiencing an optical … .

3 Every culture has stories of … creatures.

4 We can find … chambers in many old castles.

5 This creature has a … back and a long neck.

2 Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 Rita … (not/finish) her project by the time she went to bed.

2My mum … (cook) dinner for over three hours before our party began.

3 Dad … (wash) his car when it started to rain.

4 She felt nervous last night because she … (worry) about her exams.

5 This time last week we … (take) exams.

3 Form compound adjectives using the words below.

deep well human blond good

1 He is …-known English writer.

2 They say there are some …- sea monsters here.

3 Diana is a very …- looking girl.

4 Her brother is a cute …-haired boy.

5 They watched a horror film about …-like reptile.

4 Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition and particle.

1 I feel ill. I must be coming… with the flu.

2 They came … a secret room in the palace.

3 We came … with a great idea for a party.

4 I was nervous … camping in the forest.

5 She knew … experience not to go there along.

5 Match to form exchanges.

1 Shall we go to the cinema? A I know!

2 That’s awful! B Nothing serious, I’m just tired.

3 What’s happen? C You could be right.

4 What does it mean? D Why not?

5 It might mean they are anxious. E I don’t know.

Keys: 1 dull, illusion, mythical, torture, humped.

2 had not finished, had been cooking, was washing, was worrying, were taking.

3 well-, deep-, good-, blond-, human-.

4 down, across, up, about, from.

5 D, A, B, E, C.

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