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Проверочный тест по материалу Модуля 6 УМК Spotlight 11

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Module 6 11 form

1 Fill in: laser, galaxy, air, beam, antenna, telescope.

1 I can’t listen to my radio now, it doesn’t work because of broken … .

2 At our Astronomy lessons we look at the sky through a … .

3 I think this … of light is coming from a … .

4 Jupiter is in the … which the sun belongs.

5 Sending parcels by … mail is rather quicker than standard mail.

2 Fill in said, told or asked ,then report the sentences.

1 “What does this issue say?” she …Sarah.

2 “Don’t talk on the phone for hours!” mum … to Kate.

3 “Send me e-mail later!”, she … Pam.

4 “Why don’t we make a newspaper?”,Jane … her granny.

5 “You can go with me”, Tony … me.

3 Report the following using the verbs in the list.

Offer deny suggest aologise warn

1 “I didn’t do that” Nick cried.

2 “I’m sorry I forgot about that”, he said.

3“I’ll make a cake if you like”, she said.

4 “Don’t take that or you’ll be in trouble”, her mum said.

5 “How about having a family dinner on Sunday?” said grandma.

4 Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle.

1 Don’t talk … to your parents ,it’s rude.

2 She never talks … to anyone.

3 We don’t want to read that book, but the teacher talked us… it.

4 Let’s meet in a café and talk … this problem.

5 She wants to cut her hair, but I talked her … it.

5 Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

1 She insisted … correct this mistake.

2 Mum complained … toothache yesterday.

3 They assured me … their professionalism.

4 You should apologise … breaking that toy.

5 The teacher complained … John’s father … his son’s behavior.

6 Match to form exchanges.

1 I’m so sorry. A Yes, that’s right.

2 He said you had bad manners. B That’s all right.

3 What does it mean? C I do apologise.

4 Did you say Sunday? D I can’t believe he did it.

5 It’s so rude! E I don’t know.

Keys: 1 antenna / telescope/ beam, laser/ galaxy/ air/

2 She asked Susan what the issue said.

Mum said to Kate not to talk on the phone for hours.

She told Pam to send e-mail her late.

Jane asked her granny why they didn’t make a cake.

Tony told me that I could go with him.

3 Nick denied doing anything.

He apologized for forgetting that.

She offered to make a cake.

Mum warned her not to take that.

Grandma suggested that they have a family dinner.

4 back down into over out of

5 on of of for about

6 b d e a c

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