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Проверочный тест в 3 классе

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Тест 3 класс

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. In many schools pupils … uniform.

A) wears

B) wore

C) wear

D) have worn

2. Last year we … to the trip with our class.

A) went

B) go

C) have gone

D) are going

3. What … you … tomorrow?

A) is … do

B) are … going to do

C) will …doing

D) do ... do

4. It…me 2 hours to do my homework yesterday.

A) takes

B) took

C) take

D) will take

5. Helen … already … her mother about the house.

A) have helped

B) helps

C) helped

D) has helped

6. Will hasn’t … asleep yet.

A) fell

B) fallen

C) falls

D) felt

7. … you know Nancy well?

A) Do

B) Are

C) Have

D) Is

8. We haven’t … our tests yet.

A) wrote

B) written

C) writen

D) writing

9. When … you come home yesterday?

A) have

B) do

C) will

D) did

10. I … never seen this film before!

A) haven’t

B) don’t

C) have

D) -----

Прочитайте текст. Вставьте пропущенные слова:

Last summer my family went to the seaside. We … (11) … two wonderful

weeks there! We went there … (12) … but my elder sister couldn’t go with us

and … (13) ... later by train.

The hotel was very nice! It was not far (14) the sea and it took us 10 minutes to walk there.

We ... (15) … a lot and lay on the sand. I learnt to swim at last! My dad taught me. I gathered many shells and beautiful stones on the beach.


A) spent

B) spend

C) have spent

D) have spend


A) on car

B) at car

C) by car

D) with car


A) arrived

B) arived

C) arrives

D) have arrived


A) on

B) from

C) at

D) for


A) swum

B) swim

C) swam

D) swimmed

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