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Проверочный тест Юнит 1, М.З. Биболетова 11 класс

  • Иностранные языки

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Progress check Unit 1 Name_____________ Date___________

Task 1. Translate into Russian:

abuse – be in favour of -

accent – be against -

accuracy – equal rights -

concern – in addition to –

controversial – human rights -

decrease – means of communications –

come into force – identify oneself with -

lessen – take responsibility -

widespread – dialect -

for many reasons - jargon –

Task 2. Translate into English:

британцы – немцы -

англичане – французы -

ирландцы – голландцы -

шотландцыиспанцы -

американцы - китайцы -

 Task 3. Fil in the gaps with the correct words

Career choice

Making a career choice is one of the most difficult and most important decisions we will ever make in our lives. It has to be made with much_____ (1) and deliberation. Moreover, career choices cannot be made based on just a few criteria alone. Your job may carry great monetary benefits and perks, but if you do not enjoy what you do then you are_____ (2) wasting a large part of your life. At the same time, remember that money is also important for you need it to survive. So, if a job is all____ (3) but no pay, things can get difficult.

Before you start choosing a perfect career, you need to know yourself first. But sometimes all this self-analysis leads to ___(4) . We end up more____ (5) than we

were at the beginning. Then, the best way to deal with the dilemma is to think

about _______ (6) a career counselor.

A career development professional will use various tools to help you evaluate

your interests, personality, _______ (7) and values. He or she will then show you how all these things, combined, play a role in choosing a career. You can also learn about

a career by interviewing people who are already in that profession.

  1. a) think           b) thought     c) thinking      d) thinkable

  2. a) fool            b) foolish      c) foolishly     d) fooling

  3. a) satisfaction    b) satisfy       c) satisfying    d) satisfied

  4. a) somewhere    b) anywhere    c) where        d) nowhere

  5. a) confusion      b) confused    c) confusing    d) confusable

  6. a) consulting     b) consult      c) consulted     d) consultive

  7. a) skillful         b) skilled      c) skills         d) unskilled

Task 5. Match the sentences with their meanings:

  1. Can/could/may I use your phone please?

    1. Asking for permission

  1. We were allowed to/could wear jeans at school.

    1. External obligation

  1. I have to bring all my course books to school.

    1. Lack of obligation or necessity

  1. I must work harder.

    1. Past obligation

  1. You don’t have pay for this course.

    1. Permission in the past

  1. We had to go to bed at 10 p.m.

    1. Personal obligation

Task 6. Translate into Russian:

1 . The skates haven’t been brought back. 
2 . At the station he was met by the man from the travel bureau. 
3 . I am often invited to the theatre. 
4 . This book was translated into French. 
5 . The work was being done from 4 till 5 yesterday. 
6 . The truth had been told. 
7 . A new medicine was prescribed by the doctor. 
8 . The large shopping centre is being built in our town. 
9 . We will be invited to his place, I’m sure. 
10 . The teacher was interrupted. 
11 . The telegram was received yesterday. 

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