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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Puzzle по английскому языку на тему "Спорт" (8 класс)


Horizontal PUZZLE

St ---- M

  1. A place where competitions are held.

SP ------ N

2. People who go in for sports.

H -- T

3. A city chosen to arrange the Olympic Games.


4. Olympic Games for invalids.

CE ----- NY

5. The event of the Games start.

R -S --T

6. A place near the sea or ocean for relaxing.

P----W - - - ER

7. An athlete who has just got a medal.


The International Olympic Committee chose Salt Lake City (Utah, USA) as the host of the 19th Winter Olympic Games on July 16, 1995. Salt Lake City with its population of 1, 5 million people is one of the most rapid growing state capitals in the USA. It is situated in the western part of the Rocky Mountains. There are nine ski resorts in it.

The heart of the Olympics and Paralympics was in the Utah University Campus. Fort Douglas is the most famous historical sight.

The Olympic Games took place from 8th till 24th February. About 3000 athletes from 80 countries participated in the Games. They competed in 70 events. The Opening and the Closing Ceremonies took place at the Rice Stadium which was situated near Utah University. The best sportsmen were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

About 20 000 broadcasting companies and different Mass Media companies let us know what was going on at the 19th Olympic Games from a comfortable Main Press Center.


1. Where is Salt Lake City situated?

a) Great Britain b) USA c) New Zealand

2. What state is it in?

a) West Virginia b) Utah c) Colorado

3. What mountains are near the city?

a) Appalachian b) Cordilleras c) Rocky

4. What was the heart of the Games?

a) University Campus b) University Stadium

5. How many teams took part in the Games?

a) 75 b) 80 c) 85

6. How many sports events did the athletes take part in?

a) 60 b) 70 c) 8

7. Where did the Opening Ceremony take place?

a) Race Stadium b) Rise Stadium c) Rice Stadium

8. How did the world know about Olympic results?

a) from the radio b) from TV c) from Broadcasting Companies

9. How many days did the Olympics last? (15, 16 or 17)


  1. Biathlon is a (combine) of two disciplines-shooting and ski-race.

  2. The name of that sport has Latin and Greek roots ( combine ) two kinds of sports in one.

  3. Swedish-Norwegian boarder-guards were the first to organize such (compete) in 1767.

  4. Biathlon ( initial ) was a part of soldier training program in Norwegian Army.

  5. Since 1960 Biathlon has been adopted in the ( regularity ) Winter Olympic Program.

  6. Biathlon comprises six ( differ ) ski racing events: individual ski-race, sprint, chasing, relay, mixed ski-race and mass-start.

  7. The (long) of the Biathlon distance is from 7, 5 to 15 km.

  8. The firing – place is chosen by each sportsman (individual).

  9. Each target missing influence the final result (great).

  10. Each sportsman has the right to use some (addition) bullets to hit his or her target.

  11. It is ( strict) prohibited to have extra – long ski sticks.

  12. There are five black targets with a white round (center) valve which closes if the sportsman hits the target (correct).

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