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Quiz show - What? Where? When?

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Викторина по прочитанной книге: “The Prince and the Pauper”.

Quiz show: What? Where? When?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are very glad to see you at our quiz show «What? Where? When?».

We’ve just read one of the most famous books by Mark twain “The Prince and the Pauper”. What do you know about Mark Twain?

Mark Twain’s biography (S1-S2-S3)

So, what is the book about? (Group 1 – Group 2 – Group 3).

Look at the screen. Watch this short video (1 min.) and tell us what the life was in the 16-th century.

(Gr 1- Gr2- Gr3)

Now, we would like to learn how well you know the characters of this book.

Listen to the description of the character and guess who it might be. (S1-S2-S3)


He was a scruffy-looking overweight man of average height wearing a beard and moustache. He seemed to be in his late forties, but it was difficult to say because he was always drunk. He had dirty dark shoulder length hair and bushy eyebrows. He was always wearing untidy worn out clothes and an old green velvet pirate hat. He looked unpleasant and rude.

He had 3 children and a wife, but he didn’t care much for them. He was a thief and his mother was a begger.( John CANTY.)

S 2

This character is middle-aged. He is a tall, strong man. He has got a moustache and a beard. His clothes are made of rich material, but look very old. His sword is also very old. His father is very rich but he is not very well known among lords. His mother died when he was a child. He has two brothers. His elder brother is an honest, good-hearted man. His younger brother is a very bad man.

This character was sent away from home for three years. He fought in the continental wars and in his last battle he was taken prisoner and spent seven years in a foreign prison. When he became free at last he hurried to England. He met Edward Tudor. He thought that the young boy was ill. He felt sorry for him and became his protector. (Miles Hendon).

S 3

He spent his early years in a very old and dirty house. He wore dirty clothes and his face and hands were always dirty too. He had to be beggar and lived among the beggars and thieves. He had a good friend who was neither a thief nor a beggar. This friend told him many wonderful stories and legends about kings and princes. He read lots of different books. And by and by the stories he heard and the books he read made some changes in his speech and his manners. He could explain to his family things that they did not understand because he really knew so much. Soon he organized a royal court! When the children played and he always was a prince there, his comrades were lords and ladies and the royal family.

At night when he lay in the dark on his dirty rags he thought about kings and princes who were clean and well dressed. He wanted to be clean and well-dressed too. Sometimes he imagined himself a prince who lived in a beautiful palace and had a wonderful life. (Tom Canty)

The next task for you is to match the words to make phrases. The one who has done this task quicker than the others will begin our quiz.


1- e to live on | a pension

2- h to give smb| a blow

3- g to push smb a way | from the gates

4- b to throw smb | into prison

5- a to fall on | one’s knees

6- i to catch smb | by one’s collar

7- j to safe | one’s neck

8- d to take | a chance

9- f to tell | the truth

10 - c to lose | one’s way

Let’s start. -questions

In conclusion, we are going to watch the film about Henry 8. Your task is to answer five questions to the video. Our jury will count the points and choose the winner.


  1. What is Henry VIII famous for?

  2. For how long was he married to his first wife?

  3. What was the name of his favourite wife?

  4. When did he marry his second wife?

Краткое описание документа:

В рамках Недели иностранных языков проводилась викторина по книге «Принц и Нищий», в которой принимали участие все ученики 7 «А» класса.

 Гимназисты узнали факты из жизни Марка Твена, рассказали о героях книги «Принц и Нищий», задавали вопросы команде противника, отвечали на встречные вопросы, выполняли задания на употребление активной лексики. И все это на английском языке! Было весело и интересно. Марк Твен остался бы доволен! 

Увлекательная форма проведения - викторина- не оставила детей равнодушными, они почувствовали себя настоящими знатоками из известной все программы: Что? Где? Когда?

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