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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / Рабочая программа Competetion lesson
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  • Иностранные языки

Рабочая программа Competetion lesson


Сompetiton lesson:Who is the best?

The aims of the lesson: 1.to develop communicative skills and abilities.

2. to improve pupils’ listening and speaking habits.

3. to bring up the feelling of international friendship and love to

our Motherland-Kazakhstan.

Visual aids: active board,pictures,different slides.

Connection of the subject:English-Geography

Steps of the competition:

  • I. Presentation. (Таныстыру)

  • II. Do you know? (Сен білесің бе?)

  • III. Who is the fastest? (Кім жылдам?)

  • IV. Proverb. (Мақал-мәтел)

  • V. Who is the best? (Сұрақ-жауап)

  • VI. Summary. (Қортынды)

Procedure of the competiton

Good afternoon dear teachers and students!!!!

  • Today we have an unusual lesson.We have a competiton lesson.Today we have two teams.But now meet the jury first.

They are 1._____________

2. _____________

I. Presentation. (Таныстыру)

  • It’s time to introduce you. Name your teams. Introduce yourself.

-The firs team is called…

  • The captain is…

  • The second team is called…

  • The captain is…

II. Do you know?

There are 10 questions for each team.I will read this questions. You must answer the


  • 1.what colour are the corcodiles?

  • 2.What is the biggest animal?

  • 3.How many oceans are there on our planet?

  • 4.What century is it now?

  • 5.What can you see in the fridge?

  • 6.What is the capital of the USA?

  • 7.Where is Kazakhstan situated?

  • 8.The most popular sport in England?

  • 9.”Romeo and Juliet” was written by…….

  • 10.What kind of buses are in London?

Next ten questions.

  • 1.What was weather like in Africa?

  • 2.Who discovered America?

  • 3.How old are you?

  • 4.Who is the Head of Great Britain?

  • 5.Who works at school?

  • 6. What is a bird after it is 5 years old ?

  • 7. Where is Spain situated?

  • 8.Who wrote the novel “Abai zholy”?

  • 9.What is the capital of Japan?

  • 10.What kind apple isn’t an apple?

III. Who is the fastest?

  • Make as many new words out of this word:


IV. Proverb.

  • 1.Better late…than never.

  • 2.Handsome is that…handsome does.

  • 3.There is no royal road…to learning.

  • 4.Two heads are …better than one.

  • 5.If you use proverbs…your words will beautiful.

  • 1.Actions speak louder….than words.

  • 2.To kill two birds…with one stone.

  • 3.The early bird…catches the worm.

  • 4.So many men,…so many mind.

  • 5.Out of sight,…out of mind.

V. Who is the best?

  • Now we begin our fifth stage “Who is the best?”.In this stage one of you will choose one envelope.In these envelops there are two letters:A and B.I will read 10 questions and all answers will start with letter A or B.Is everything clear for you?Then let’s began.

Letter A

  • 1.The name of fruit.(apple)

  • 2.The name of month.(april)

  • 3.The capital of Kazakhstan.(Astana)

  • 4.The name of the school subject.

  • 5.The firs letter of the Alphabet.

  • 6.What cannot we live without.

  • 7.One of the oceans.

  • 8.A story in the newspaper.

  • 9.The famous Kazakh writer.

  • 10.It’s harmful for our health.

Letter B

  • 1.A little child.

  • 2.The name of the fruit.

  • 3.The antonym to the word “good”.

  • 4.An object in the classroom.

  • 5.The capital Germany.

  • 6.The name of the school subject.

  • 7.A lake in Kazakhstan.

  • 8.The room where we sleep.

  • 9.A colour.

  • 10.An important day for all of us which happens once every year.

VI. Summary.

  • Dear pupils,thank you for your work.The competition lesson is over. Let’s end our lesson with the motto of British students


May you never rest

Until your good is better,

And you better is best”



Төрехан Булғын

Алматы облысы Талғар ауданы 12 Нура орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі.


The theme of the lesson:

The aim of the lesson:


Type of the lesson:

I.Organization moment:

-Good morning children!

-Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent?

-What is the weather like today?

-What is the date and day today?

II.Warm up.

III.Checking up home task:

IV. New theme:

Алматы облысы,Талғар ауданы,Нура аулы

Сompetiton lesson:

Who is the best?

7 –сынып

Пән мұғалімі: Торехан Б

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