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Конкурс "Я люблю природу"

Рабочий лист Past Continuous

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hello_html_m29aaa06.gifhello_html_m62b3dad2.gifhello_html_565a7189.gifPast Continuous Прошедшее продолженное время

  1. In groups study the sentences. What are helpful words? Write and translate them.

At 7 o’clock yesterday morning I was having my breakfast.

He was reading a newspaper when his wife came.

We were watching the children while they were playing.

As she was crossing the street she slipped and fell.

  1. In groups study the sentences. When do we use Past Continuous?


At 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon Mike and his son were playing football.

Paul and Ann were having dinner at a restaurant at 8 o’clock last night.

2. Описание обстановки, фона, на котором происходило действие

The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Tom was driving his old car through the forest.


Kate was walking in the park when a dog attacked her.

Mrs Johnson was sitting in the garden when it started to rain.

  1. Find and underline the sentences in Past Continuous. Read and translate them.

On the 14th of April 1912 the ship Titanic was in the middle of its first journey. It was travelling across the Atlantic. As usual, a sailor was watching the sea in front of the ship, he was looking for icebergs. But it was dark and there was no moon, so he couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, the ship hit a huge iceberg. The ship quickly began to sink. At the time of the accident many of the passengers were sleeping. The sailors told everybody to leave the ship, but there weren’t enough boats for all the people. In the end more than 1,500 people died.

  1. Complete the text. Use Past Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets ().

A few years ago we (1)_______________ (live) in France at the time of the Cannes film festival. My wife (2) _______________ (not work) that weekend so we decided to drive to Cannes to see some of the new films. The sun (3) __________________ (shine) when we arrive and the town looked beautiful. It was very busy – lots of people (4) _________________ (walk) in the streets. But it wasn’t very hot that day so people (5) _________________ (not sunbathe) on the beach. We got to our hotel and went to the restaurant.

We had a big surprise – Juliette Binoche (6) ________________ (sit) at the back of the restaurant. But she (7) ____________________ (not have) lunch, she (8) ___________________ (talk) to some other famous film stars. It was so exciting!

  1. Make up the sentences.

  1. I, a letter, yesterday, at 2 o’clock, writing, was.


  1. night, What, last, were, at 8 o’clock, you, doing?


  1. on Thursday, It, raining, all day long, wasn’t.


  1. our space station, At 4 p.m., a small, moving towards (направляться к), yesterday, was, satellite. ________________________________________________________________

  1. We, came in, repairing (чинили), when, were, the spacesuit, he, not.


  1. the scream (крик), when, What, you, doing, were, heard, you?


  1. his mother, Tim, when, was, came in, his little brother, making fun of.


  1. when, outside the spaceship, They, working, they, something strange, noticed (заметили), were.


  1. Choose the correct words.

  1. Hillary fell on the ice last winter and broke / was breaking her arm.

  2. We relaxed / were relaxing in the garden when we suddenly heard a loud noise.

  3. Karl didn’t hear the doorbell (звонок в дверь) because he listened / was listening to his iPod.

  4. After I left university, I worked in a bank and then I moved / was moving to an insurance (страховая) company.

  5. My cousin couldn’t visit us in August because she did / was doing a summer course.

  6. I had / was having a shower (душ) when the phone rang.

  1. Listen and check.

Fill in the table. WB ex. 3 p. 8.

Past Continuous

( время)










Thank you.

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