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Работа над диалогической речью

  • Иностранные языки

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Задание №3

Устная часть

«Говорение. Диалогическая речь.»

В задании необходимо составить диалог на указанную тему в паре с другим учащимся. Диалог ведётся в течении 2-3 минут и должен составить по 9-10 реплик с каждой стороны. Во время беседы необходимо быть вежливым, активным, спрашивать мнение собеседника.

Диалог №1

You and your friend are full of impressions after your summer holidays and you are talking about them. Remember to ask:

- where he/she went in summer

- how long he/she stayed there

- with whom he/she went there

- what activities you had

- what was the weather there

- if he/she visited any places of interest

- if he/she made any new friends

- if he/she took any photos

- if he/she would like to go there again

Диалог №2

You and your friend are discussing the way you are taught English.

Remember to ask:

-how long he/she was been learning English

-what he/she feels about learning grammar

-what he/she feels about learning vocabulary

-what he/she feels about learning pronunciation

-what he/she finds the most difficult in learning English

-what advice he/she would give to classmates to learn English better

Диалог №3

You and your friend are discussing the question of celebrating Christmas.

Remember to ask:

-if he/she usually celebrates Christmas at home with relatives

-if it`s interesting/boring to spend holidays with the family

-if he/she is happy to take part in preparations

-how he/she decorates the house for this holiday

-what presents he/she is planning to buy/make for this relatives/friends

-what he/she expects to get from the family gathering

Диалог №4

You and your friend are planning to go to the cinema/theatre. Remember to ask:

-what time will be convenient for both of you

-what cinema/theatre to choose

-what kind of films/performances you both prefer watching

-if there is anything worth seeing

-which of you can find any information about the films/performances on the Internet

-if it’s a good idea to invite anybody else

-who is going to book buy tickets

Диалог №5

You and your friend are discussing the plan for a project about famous people they are going to do together

Remember to ask:

-who he/she would like to do the project about (a scientist a painter an actor, etc)

-what makes him/her choose this person

-what he/she already knows about this person

-what sources of information they are going to use

-what he/she thinks of the way of reporting it (a newspaper ,an oral report ,a Power Point presentation ,etc.)

What part of the project he/she will be responsible for

-how it will be convenient to work(alone, together ,at home, at the library, etc)

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