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Работа с текстом по английскому языку "Christmas"

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This is the most important festival of the year for the most British families.This is a day when many people are travelling home to be with their families on Christmas Day. If you try to catch a train on 24th December you may have difficulty in finding a seat. On this day everybody is very busy and in a hurry. On Christmas Eve  the people like to light candles and sing carols.

There are a lot of traditions connected with Christmas but the most important one is giving of presents. The family members wrap up their presents and leave them  under the Christmas tree or in the Christmas stocking.

On Christmas Day, 25th December, the family will sit down to a big turkey dinner followed by Christmas pudding. Children often put holly on the pudding. Traditionally a coin is place into the pudding. It brings good luck to a person who finds it.

In the afternoon they may watch the Queen on the television when she sends her traditional Christmas message to the United Kingdom. On Sunday before Christmas the people go to the churches where special hymns are sung.

Sometimes the singers can be heard on the streets: they collect money for charity.

The most families decorate their houses with holly. They usually have a Christmas tree in the corner of the room decorated with coloured  lights, toys, stars, crackers with a joke in it.

The small children believe in Father Christmas or Santa Claus. They say he comes from the North Pole. He brings presents for children. The children wait for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and hang their Christmas stockings on the beds.

26th December is also a public holiday, called Boxing Day. The people don’t go to work. They visit friends or relatives, go to the theatre. Everybody gives and receives Christmas cards and Christmas boxes with presents.

Everyone in Great Britain is waiting and enjoying this holiday very much!

  1. What is the most important festival in Great Britain?

  2. What do the family do during this holiday?

  3. Do you like the way Christmas is celebrated in Great Britain?

  4. Are there many traditions connected with Christmas in Great Britain?

to wrap up — заворачивать, упаковывать  gift — подарок 
turkey — индюшка  charity — милосердие

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