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Работа учащихся "Художники города Ленинска-Кузнецкого"


Leninsk- Kuznetsky is one of the largest cities of the Kuzbass. It was founded in 1925. During last years the town has turned into an industrial and cultural centre of the Kuzbass.

The cultural life is represented by libraries, a music school, cinemas, an exhibition hall, the museum of Local Lore, History and Economy, a school of arts.

Our town became nice, clean and green. There are many new and beautiful houses. But there are some old buildings which remind us about the history of the town.

In one of these private houses which belonged to the manager of Kolchugino pit children’s school of arts is situated. It is one of the best schools in our region.

At first it was located in Ryadovoy Lane. There were only two rooms and thirty pupils. In 1972 the school moved into a large house. The number of pupils increased. They participated in different competitions and became winners.

In 1991 the school was rebuilt and became a real temple of art. Now it is a centre of fine arts in our town. The school has beautiful exhibition halls and various measures are held here.

F:\ленинск фото\1 035.jpg

Many students are well- known not only in our region but in the country and abroad. Their names are Irina Konukova, Tanya Konovalova,Nastya Gushchina, Alina Shaposhnikova and many others. Here are Shaposhnikova’s works. F:\мои рисунки\Фото007.jpg F:\мои рисунки\Фото003а.jpg Many times school’s staff was rewarded the medal of international competition «Underwater Fantasy».

Leninsk-Kuznetsky is famous for artists. Among them are T. Bocharova, V. Volkov, N. Parshikov, A. Yolkin, V. Sevostianov and others.

V. Sevostianov is an Honoured artist of the Russian Federation. He was born

in 1952 in Leninsk- Kuznetsky. In 1976 he graduated from Penza art school by K.A. Savitsky. Since 1977 Vladimir has been living and working in Vladimir. He is a member of artist’s union of Russia. Now he is a senior teacher of Humanitarian institute. He has many personal exhibitions. His pictures are in museums of Germany, USA, Israel, France, Moscow.

http://im5-tub-ru.yandex.net/i?id=27570585-53-72На берегу

A.Yolkin is a well- known person in our town. He was a sculptor and an artist. He embodied his dreams on the canvas, ceramics, metal, plaster. The creations of his hands are everywhere in our town: in central square, in the square of March revolt, in the room of military glory of school №20, on numerous memorial boards. He decorated palaces of culture in our town. Yolkin took part in many art exhibitions. His Luis Korvalan’s bust in Moscow won the first prize in 1977. He created the whole gallery of sculptural portraits. Two of his works are in one of Moscow museums, one is in Poland.

T.Bocharova is an artist of animalistic genre. Especially she likes to depict horses. During the Great Patriotic War they worked under the ground helping miners to pull large carts full of coal. One of her works is called «Miners». Bocharova's love to animals is reflected in the picture «The Small Actors: Peter, Manya, Picatchu, Karl ». They are her favourite pets and they are the actors of the Central Exhibition Hall. Bocharova is the member of the Russian Union of Artists.


Valeriy Volcov’s works are connected with picturesque landscape of Siberia, his native town. Among his works are «The Hill», «Autumn on the Baikal» and others.

F:\Работы художников\Волков. Река Иня.jpgF:\Работы художников\Волков.JPG

N.Parshikov was born in Leninsk-Kuznetsky. He began to draw in childhood. In1990 he finished Kemerovo Art School. During 2000-2005 Parshikov took part in town and regional exhibitions. His genres are portraits and landscapes. On his portraits are heroes of Great Patriotic War, militiamen, clerics. In 2000 he painted a portrait of archbishop Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk Safroniy. Parshikov created portraits of Chekmaryev, Fisenko, Dubs, Kostromov, Grigorchenkov, Kirov, T

hello_html_m33e88250.gifF:\Работы художников\Выставка Паршикова.jpg

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В нашем городе много мест, связанных с культурой. Одно из них- художественная школа.В данной работе дается краткая информация о ней и о молодом и старом поколении таких художников г. Ленинска-Кузнецкого, как Бочарова, Волков, Паршиков, Елкин и других:их краткая биография, деятельность, репродукции картин.  Данный материал может быть полезным при подготовке к урокам английского языка по теме "Изобразительное искусство", а также во внеклассной работе. Работа была преставлена на фестиваль исследовательских и творческих работ учащихся "Портфолио". Работа награждена дипломом.

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