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Radio and TV in my life

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8 Grade

Theme: Step 2. Radio and TV in my life.

Type of the lesson: interactive, group

Aim: Educational: enter and secure the lexical material on « Radio and TV in my life »;

Developing: develop cognitive interest of students, increase motivation to learn a foreign language, improve reading skills, skills training dialogic speech.

Educational: inculcate interest in learning a foreign language, respectful of the environment.

Methods: verbal, practical

Equipment: cards, internet materials, video

Expected result: students know about Radio and TV in life


Stages of the lesson

Activity of the teacher

Information space

Student activity

I block. Objective

1. Organization moment

Welcomes students, check the readiness of the workplace.

Good morning !I’m glad to see you  again! How are you? Are you ready for the lesson?

Chorus responsible for the teacher’s greeting

2 Targeting Motivation 

Proposes to determine the topic of the lesson by looking at the illustration in the book, to formulate goals and objectives of the lesson

Open your books at p138, look at the theme of the lesson and say Are radio and TV widely used in today’s world?

Called the topic of the lesson, formulate goals and objectives of the lesson with the teacher

3 Phonetic drill

updates the rules of reading, offers a set of words containing the particular reading.  introduces active vocabulary lesson on the topic

look at the poster and remember the rules of reading. What role do radio and TV play in our lives? Now read the words on the blackboard, using the rules:



Тасаввур этмоқ



Акс эттирмоқ



Жорий, шу кундаги










Reproduce the rules of reading, reading these words, applying the rules

II block. Procedure:

4 Actualization / speech work out

Prompts you to answer a few questions as an introduction to the topic of the lesson, give talks

Do you listen to the radio? What are your favourite radio stations? What kind of movies do you prefer to watch? What are your favourite TV channels? What other means of spreading news and information do you know?

Today we are going to talk about the Radio and TV in my life and find out what it deals with. Open your books and let’s read and translate the text

Students answer the teacher's questions

5 Application of knowledge (listening, word, letter)

А) offers work with text (complete analysis of the content, the conversation on the text-based exercises, preparation for restatement)

Ex. 1 on p.138. Summarize the texts in 5 sentences.

Ex. 3 p. 139Choose the best answer to fill the gap in each of the following

Ex. 5 p. 139. Choose one question and speak answering it in front of the class

Students read the text, each group knew each content of his text, together answer questions

6 Control

Prompts to make fixing the lexical-grammatical exercises

And now you are to say what you’ve remembered at this lesson

First talk to your partner then have a class discussion.

What in your culture are you most proud about?

Perform the task of the group

III unit. Analytical

7 Reflection. Summing up the results

Discussion difficulties compilation lesson

What was the most difficult for you at this lesson?

I hope the lesson was interesting and useful for you. What have you learnt today?

The marks for the lesson are…

Discuss with the teacher, forecast errors and correct answers

8 Information about homework

Requests to record homework, explains.

1) learn the words

2) to retell the text

3) ex2on p.139

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