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Рассказ о городе Данков

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My Native Town

I live in Dankov, Lipetsk region. Our region lies in the Central Black Earth Zone. Dankov isn’t a large town. Its population is about twenty thousand people. It stands on the both banks of the river Don.

Dankov was founded in 1563 and in the past it served as a fortress but then it became a merchant town.

Dankov is famous for its planetarium. We also have a sports complex with a swimming pool and a stadium in our town.

Our museum is famous for its collection of pictures and it is even known as the Small Tretyakov Gallery. Andrei Ivanovich Plotnov was the initiator of opening a picture gallery in his native land. On the 30th of May 1968 a “Small Tretyakov Gallery” was opened in Dankov. Andrei Ivanovich Plotnov was Honoured Painter of the Russian Federation, Honorary Citizen of Dankov.

Victory Park is the largest one in Dankov. The fountain was built in our town not long ago. But it has already become an attraction for everybody.

There are some monuments in our town: the monument to the defenders of the fortress of Dankov in the 16th-17th centuries, the monument to the 131st battalion of pontoon bridges builders, the Memorial devoted to the 40th anniversary of the Victory over German fascists in 1945, the monument devoted to the pilots fallen during the Great Patriotic War and others.

We are proud of the beautiful old churches in Dankov and Dankov district. The best known ones are Tikhvin Cathedral, the Church of the Icon of Kazan God’s mother, Ivan Bogoslov’s Church, St. George’s Church and some others.

Our House of Culture is a place for concerts and meetings. There is a large library there.

More than eight people of Dankov district have become the Heroes of the Soviet Union during the years of the Great Patriotic War. I can’t but mention some of them: Vishnyakov Ivan Alexeyevich, Zaikin Ivan Mikhailovich, Zakharov Alexei Nikonorovich, Kovalyov Pyotr Semyonovich, Krasnov Nikolai Ivanovich, Osipov Vasily Vassilyevich, Fomichova Klavdiya Yakovlevna and Frolov Ivan Akimovich

And now a few words about our regional ethnographers. They are Vasily Lukich Lukin, Ivan Andreyevich Prasalov, Vasily Mikhailovich Sosedov and Dmitry Vasilyevich Lyubavsky

Every year more and more new houses, shops, kindergartens appear in the streets of my native town. And I want it to be more beautiful, modern and clean.

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