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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Раздаточный материал для 8 класса


Make up sentences, please E.E.-8.L.-4.

Yesterday it was ... .

Today is ... .

Tomorrow it will be ... .

In my opinion ... .

To my mind ... .

As I see it ... .

Frankly speaking ... .

I must confess (признаться) ... .

Nouns: temperature, sun, weather.

Verbs: begin, change, start.

Adjectives: sunny, warm, wonderful.

Adverbs: surprisingly, hardly, quickly.

Answer the questions, E.E.-8.L.-11.


1.Were you watching TV at 6o'clock yesterday evening?

2.Was your mother cooking all day yesterday?

3.Who was teaching you English last year?

4.You were taking a shower when your mother came home?weren't you?

5.Your aunt was watching stars in the sky when you phoned her wasn't she?

6.Was your friend working in a space station or doing homework yesterday evening?

7.What were you doing at 7 o'clock yesterday morning?


1.Who was looking after you when you were a baby?

2.Was your friend flying in a spaceship or watching TV yesterday evening?

3.What were you doing at 12o'clock yesterday afternoon?

4. Your mother was reading magazines the whole evening yesterday, wasn't she?

5. You were cooking dinner, when your mother came home, werent'you?

6. Wereyou sleeping at 6 o'clock yesterday morning?

7. Was your sister cleaning her room at 5 o'clock yesterday?


Put in the right verd:was/were.

1. Nick ... playing computer games the whole evening.

2. Who ... playing the guitar yesterday?

3. I ... watching TV when my friend phoned me.

4. ... you cooking dinner yesterday?

5. Nelly and Kitty ... making a present for their mother.

6. We not watching stars in the sky, we ... taking picteres.


Write down the sentences. Translate them into Russian.

1.It is a very seriuos problem to explore space

2.Many years ago they launched the first spaceship.

3.The exploration of our planet continues.

4.Galaxy is a group of stars and plnets.

5.Do you want to be a researcher?

6.N. Armstrong was a famous American astronaut.

7.You have never used a telescope, have you?

8.Is it easy to do research

Read the sentences on your cards and complete them with the given verds in the correct form. Use the Present Perfect or Present Prefect Continuous tenses.

1.Why is she crying?- She ... (hurt) her arm.

2.... they (launch) the spaceship yet?

3.The strong wind ... (damage) everything aroung for 3 hours.

4.What is the result of the tornado?- It ... (do) a lot of damage.

5.The sceientist ... (do) the exploration of the island since they discovered it.

6.They ... (not, solve) that serious problem yet, have they?

Write down the sentences. Translate them into English. E.E.-8. L.-13.

1. Исследавать космос — очень важная задача.

2. Много лет тому назад запустили первый космический корабль.

3. Исследавание нашей планеты продалжается.

4. Галактика — это группа звезд и планет.

5. Ты хочеш стать исследователем?

6. Н. Армстронг был знаменетым амереканским астронавтм.

7. Ты когда не ползавался телескопом, не так ли?

8. Легко ти проводить исследование?

Make up words using the letters. Use some letters several times. Pronounce the words correctly.E.E.-8.L.-15.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.L.-5.

One day I was trying to get to the University from one end one end of the city to another .There was a car accident on the road. I saw an old man who was at the helm and a young woman with a baby in the car. I rushed to the car to help the passengers. I let the woman with the baby out quite quickly. It was rather difficult to help the driver. Suddenly I saw the petrol flowing from the car. There was no time but I made all my force to save the man. When everything was over I understood that I had missed my lectures. Two days later I had a phone call. It was that man from the car. He invited me to visit them and thanked for saving their lives. Now I have my new friends. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Answer the questions, please. Define the tenses: Past Simple or Past Continunous.E.E.-8. L.-16.

1. What were you doing at 7 p.m. yesterday?

2. Did you visit your grandparents yesterday?

3. Was there any disasaterat your place last year?

4. Your mother was cooking when you came home yesterday, wasn't she?

5. When did they launch the first spaceship?

6. Did you see stars in the sky yesterday night?

7. Was it ranning or snowing last evening?

8. What were you doing when your mother came?

Present your posters now. Explain how people can be warned. Others listen and put your marks according to the criteria. E.E.-8. L.-18.

Put 1-3 balls to the following points:

1. If is interesting to listen to.

2. Mistakes.

3. The poster itselft.

- I see that you are tired. Let's have a rest.

Complete the sentences:

1) When we are talking about something that happened ... another thing, we use the ... tense.

2 ) Use the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or Past Perfect.E.E.-8. L.-19.

1. They (launch) the first spaceship in 1975.

2. I (look) at the clock and (realize) that it (break).

3. They (finish) the interview by that time.

4. When you (visit) your granny last?

5. We (leave) before the rain (start).

6. Nick (invite) 3 best friends yesterday.

Read them right. E.E.-5. L.-20.

1. The island of Ata is uninhabited.

2. The island of Ata is in the North Sea.

3. It is summer all year round on the little island of Ata.

4. «The Mary Jane» was a ship which stopped near the island.

5. There were six people on board the ship «The Mary Jane».

6. There were seven people on the island.

7. The boys were very happy to see the ship.

8. The boys spent 20 months on the island.

9. These 6 men had had a ship-warck before they got on the island.

10. Their boat had been in the storm for 3 hours.

11. The boys shared the duties between each ofter.

12. The boys were happy to be saved because they hadn't enjoyed their life on the island.

Read the sentences and finish them. E.E.-8.L. -21.

1. Nobody lives on ... .

2. Once «The Mary Jane» changet her course and ... .

3. Some people on the ship had noticed ... .

4. They ran down the hill into the water ... .

5. The boys occureed on the island ... .

6. They had arranged ... .

7. They had enjoyed their life on the isand but ... .

Look at the cards. Match the beginning of the sentences and the end. E.E.-8.L. -21.

A. Nobody lives on .... . 1. ... their life on the island .

B. Once «The Mary Jane» changed her course and ... . 2. ... a number of people.

C. Some people on the ship had ... . 3. ... because of the storm.

D. They ran down the hill into the water ... . 4. .... the island of Ata.

E. The boys occurred on the island ... . 5. ... to meet the ship.

F. They had arranged ... . 6. ... went toward the island.

G. They had enjoyed their life on the island but ... . 7. ... they were happy to be sa-


Remimd the word order in questions. E.E.-8. L.-23.

Специальный Вопрсительное вспомо- подле- глагол осталь-

вопрос: слово гательный жащее члены

глагол предложе ния

Общий: Вспомогательный подлежа- глагол остальные члены

глагол щее предложения

Tongue twister.Read it as quickly as you can.

Little Linda lost her locket,

Lovely, lucky, little locket

Lying still in Linda's pocket.

Give your answers to the questions.E.E.-8. L.-27.

  1. What colour is the Earth if you watch it from space?Why is it so?

  2. What helps our planet to keep warmth?

  3. How many main planets are there in the Solar System?

  4. Where are stars and planets?

  5. How do people get into space?

  6. How do we call peoplewho work in space?

  7. What do they wear in space?

  8. What do we use to see stars?

  9. What is the Milky Way?

  10. What is the shape of Galaxy?

Tongue twister.Read it as quickly as you can.E.E.-8. L.-29.

Bill had a billboard and also a board bill?

But the board bill bored Bill so

That he sold the billboard to pay the board bill.

Match the words to make up word expressions.E.E.-8. L.-29.

Protect clothing

air waste

protective water

environmental environment

pollute paper

waste problems

chemical pollution

Read the words in transcription.E.E.-8. L.-31.

[hju:mәn bi:in] [әla:min]

[disәpiә] [waildlaif]

[jankfu:d] [litә]

[kriet] [distoi]

[pridik n] [fju:mz]

Give your answers to the questions.E.E.-8. L.-31.

1. What would happen if people rode bicycles instead of driving cars?

2. What would have happened if people hadn't cut the forests?

3. What period of time do the actions belong to?

4. Did the actions really happen?

In Conditinal II the actions is .... The action belongs to the ... or the ... .

In Conditinal II I the actions is .... The action belongs to the ... or the ... .

Read the sentences aloud one by one.Translate them into Russian.E.E.-8. L.-32.

1. If she finished her research? She would take part in the conference.

2. If she felt bad, he would stay in bed.

3. If I were you, I would visit the old man.

4. What would you do if you won 500 dollars?

5. Ann would behave weii if you took her to the party.

6. If the teenager had collecned his thoughts? He would have won the competetion.

7. If you had learnt German, you would have stayed out of trouble.

8. If they had taken care of their pets, the poor puppy and kitten would't have got into trouble.

9. If we hadn't relied on him, we wouldn't have been late.

10. If the girl had laud the table, her aunt wouldn't have been angry with her.

Open the brackets using the necessary form of the verb.Mind thr typeof the Conditional.E.E.-8. L.-32.

1. If you (finish) in time you wouldn't have been late.

2. The day (be) fine if they hadn't argued.

3. If we (recycle) the litter the environment (be) cleaner.

4. If you (not,come)so early they (not,get up).

5. What you (do) if you (win) a lottery?

6.If I (be) you I never (ask) him for help.

7. What you (do) if the computer hadn't worked?

8. It (be) better if you didn't go there.

Give your answers to the questions.E.E.-8. L.-33.

1. What would you do if you had a dangerous disease?

2. What would you do to protect endangered animals?

3.What would you do to stop local wars?

4. What would you do to reduce dangerous technologies?

5. What would you do if things couldn't be recycled?

6. What would you do if your friends took drugs?

7. What would you do stop breaking human rights?

8. What would you do to stop air and water pollution?

9. What would you do if your relatives quarrelled?

Use the schemes and think of other questions. E.E.-8. L.-36.

What is the main idea of the text?

How many (much) ... throw away (produce) ?

What is ... ?

What can ... ?

Is it expensive ?


What is recycling (packaging) ?

How many cans do people throw away in one year?

How much plastic waste do people produce?

What can we do solve the problem?

Match the words from two columns to make up word combinations.E.E.-8. L.-40.

Avoid rubbish

at least goods

drop of food

a can centre

packed talking to him

recycling litter

clear four people

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