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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Раздаточный материал для учащихся к уроку по теме Holidays! Travelling! Leisure!

Раздаточный материал для учащихся к уроку по теме Holidays! Travelling! Leisure!

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  1. Look at the pictures, listen to the song and what we are going to speak about today.

II. 1) Ex. 1. Presentation. Match the type of a holiday to its picture.

2) Ex. 2. Presentation. Make up a sentence.

III. 1) Page 116 Students Book, read adverts about different tours. Read exercise 3 and say where the children will go.

2) Ex. 3. Presentation. Match the verb and the types of activity.


stay in





hotels, apartments, camps

pools, tennis courts, leisure centres, rock climbing, fishing …


sun, sea, full board, apartments, beautiful gardens, the beauty of …

historical sites, castles, museums, temples, parks, ancient monuments

the shopping

a picnic

Make up sentences.

We can enjoy the sun, …

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IV. Ex. 4. Presentation. Create your advert about a tour to Moscow or St. Petersburg and present it to us.

Discover…(Moscow, Petersburg )

  • You will stay in…

  • You can visit…

  • You will experience…

  • You can enjoy…

V. Exercise 4 page 116. Read the example. Pretend you would like to travel abroad this summer, visit a travel agency and ask for information. One will be a travel agent and one will be a tourist.

VI. Ex. 6. Presentation. Write a letter from Washington back home. Put the parts of the letter in order.

A) Love,


B) We are visiting historic sites and interesting monuments. Mum is going shopping tomorrow. It will be boring. I am going to a rock concert. I think it will be exciting!

C) I hope you are having fun at home.

D) The city is nice. The weather is sunny and warm. The people are friendly.

E) Hi from Washington! We are having a great time here!

F) Dear Granny,

G) See you soon.









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VII. Игровая физкультпауза.

Think of your favourite type of activity on holiday. Show/ Demonstrate it to us. Don’t name it. The pupils should guess.

VIII. Ex. 7. Presentation. Invite your friend to join you in your favourite activity. Your friend should accept or refuse the invitation as in the example.


Would you like to come + V ing

Why don’t you come + V ing with me ?

Do you want to come + V ing

+ Accept

Yes, sure.

That sounds good

I find it fun




  • Refuse

I’m sorry, but I cant.

Actually, I’d rather not.

I find it tiring



Example :

Why don’t you come fishing with me ? ------ Actually, I’d rather not. I find it boring.


Would you like to come hiking with me ? ----- That sounds good. I find it exciting.

VII. Подведение итогов.

Think and say what you can speak about now after this lesson .

Tell if it is interesting or boring to speak about holidays.

VIII. Домашнее задание.

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