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Раздаточный материал к уроку "Шекспир или не Шекспир?"


Task 2.

Francis Bacon. He was an excellent philosopher, dramatist and politician. A version that Bacon was Shakespeare appeared in the 18 century. It is based on similar philosophical ideas of these writers. If we compare their notes we will be surprised that they are similar. But the problem is that Shakespeare couldn’t see them because they were never published and were hidden in some secret place. There is also a version that Bacon-Shakespeare belonged to masons. This organization is still donating funds on Shakespeare’s anniversaries, on reconstruction of the Globe theatre and so on. It goes without saying that masons would do anything to prove that such great writer as Shakespeare was a mason.

Christopher Marlowe. He was a famous innovator in drama; he was the first who began to write in a black verse. Those who believe that Marlow is Shakespeare compared the styles of these writers and found out that a number of one-, two-, three- and four-syllable words is similar in Shakespeare ‘s and Marlowe’s works. Besides, he was writing at the same time as Shakespeare and it is likely that they had met each other. But the problem is that Shakespeare began to write his works in the year of Marlowe’s death. Their styles, imagery and vocabulary are too different.

The Earl of Oxford. Both of them were great poets. The Earl was a son of the Queen. He was a dramatist and a patron of the Globe Theatre. Some people believe that there are references in both the plays and sonnets to the Earl’s life, as well as a serious of codes in Shakespeare’s writing. But the Earl died in 1604, and Shakespeare wrote his ‘King Lear’ in 1606, for example.

William Stanley, the 6th Earl of Derby. With the initials W.S. and his habit of signing himself as “Will” it’s easy to imagine that there is a link between William Stanley and Shakespeare. But this evidence alone is not enough to point to William Stanley being the greatest playwright in history.

The Earl of Rutland. He was rich and famous. It is interesting that the surname Shakespeare was Rutland’s nickname in the University. When Rutland was in Venice Shakespeare wrote “The Merchant of Venice”. When Rutland was in France he wrote the play that took place in France. Besides, Rutland died in 1612, since that Shakespeare wrote nothing. But the problem is that Rutland was only 16 when Shakespeare wrote his “The Comedy of Errors”-surely too inexperienced a writer.

Task 4.

Task 5.

  1. Lie low – to hide so you will not be caught by someone;

  2. A Green-eyed monster – jealousy;

  3. Night owl – a person who stays up and is active late at night;

  4. As dead as a doornail – dead beyond any doubt;

  5. A charmed life – a life that seems to have been protected by a charm, magic or spell;

  6. Mum’s the word – keep a secret, don’t tell anybody;

  7. Send him packing – to tell someone to go away, usually because you are annoyed with them.

  1. My mum’s really cross with me because I have broken her vase. I think it’s best if I___________ for a little while.

  2. I have an amazing family, a great job and a beautiful home. I really do lead _________________.

  3. Don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul,__________________ .

  4. Helen is a __________________! She is jealous of everyone.

  5. He acted like an idiot, I think you should _______________ .

  6. I’ve been a real ______________________since I started University. It’s normal for me to stay awake until three in the morning.

  7. Are you sure the mouse is dead?” “Definitely,__________________________.

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