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Раздаточный материал по теме "Путешествие по всему миру"

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1. Interesting facts about Italy

1. Pizza was invented (была изобретена) in Neaples in 1830.

2. The thermometer is an Italian invention (изобретение)

3. The famous children's story, Pinocchio , was written by an Italian.

4. The piano first appeared (впервые появилось)in İtaly.

5. Italy’s contribution to science include (вклад в науку включает)the barometer, electric battery, nitroglycerin and wireless (безпроводной) telegraphy.

6. Christopher Colombus, Marco Polo and Amerigo Vespucci were İtalians.

7. The automobile is one of the greatest İtalian products: Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler brands, Lamborghini and Fiat.

8. The ice cream cone (мороженное конусом) is an İtalian invention.

9. Eyeglasses (очки) are an İtalian invention.

10. 117 liters of wine drink an average Italian (средний итальянец) and consumes (потребляет)25 kilograms of pasta (макароны) a year.

11. Italy is the seventh (7) world industrial company.

12. Italy has more than 3.000 museums.

14. Italian island Sicily (остров Сицилия) is home of Mafia and criminal organizations.

15. Milan is home of Italian fashion (мода) and finance. Florence is home to Italian art (итальянское искусство).

Hope that one day you will go to Italy

2. Facts about Egypt

Egypt is situated in Africa and is a country of desert(пустыня), mummies (мумия), pyramids and pharaohs (фараон).

1. Official name of the country (страна) is Misr.

2. The capital (столица) of Egypt is Cairo.

3. A large number of household objects (объекты домашнего хозяйства) were invented (были изобретены) or used by the ancient Egyptians, including:

lock and keys (замок и ключи)

combs (гребень)

scissors (ножницы) toothpaste (зубная паста)

wigs (крылья) toothbrush (зубная щетка)

makeup (макияж) deodorants (дезодоранты).

Egyptians created glass and faience objects.

Egyptians were among the very first (были среди первых) people to invent writing, along with ink (чернило) and paper.

Egyptians have been known to have invented 365 days calendar (календарь) and the 24-hour division (деление) of the day.

Hope that one day you will go to Egypt

3. Interesting facts about Turkey

  1. The famous Trojan Wars took place (произошли) in Western Turkey, the Trojan horse rests (находится) here today.

  2. The first church built by man (St. Peter’s Church) is in Antioch (Antakya), Turkey.

Ephesus and Halicarnasus (the place for the two of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world – 2 из семи чудес света) are in Turkey.

  1. St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, was born (родился) in Patara and became the bishop of Demre (епископ г. Демре), on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast.

  2. Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi) in Eastern Turkey.

  3. Turks introduced (впервые вредставили) coffee to Europe.

  4. Turks gave the Dutch (подарили голландцам) their famous tulips (тюльпан).

  5. Istanbul is the only city (единственный город) in the world built on two continents.

  6. Istanbul was chosen (был выбран)by the European Union as the European Capital of Culture (культурная столица мира)in 2010.

  7. Turkey is noted for знаменита)having one of the three most famous (одну из трех )and distinctive (разнообразныйtraditional cuisines in the world.

  8. Anatolia is the birthplace (место рождения) of historic legends, such as Homer (the poet),  Herodotus (the father of history), and St. Paul the Apostle (Апостол Павел).

  9. The first church dedicated (посвященная) to Virgin Mary is in Ephesus.

  10. Cherry (вишня) was first introduced to Europe (завезена в Европу) from  Northern Turkey.

  11. Turkey has hundreds beaches and marinas (порт) which have the "Blue Flag" (A European award (европейская награда) for the best clean water (чистая вода)) on the Mediterranean (Средиземное море) and Aegean (Эгейское море).

Hope that one day you will go to Turkey

4. Some facts about France

Land (территория)

France is the largest (самая большая) European country in terms of land area after Russia and Ukraine.

People & Lifestyle (стиль жизни)

French people cheek kiss (поцелуй в щеку)to greet each others (поздороваться) between family and friends, even between men. The number of kisses varies (количество поцелуев зависит от) according to the region, from 1 (e.g. in the tip of Brittany) to 4 (e.g. Paris and most of the North), and occasionally up to 5 in Corsica (до 5 раз на Корсике).

  • The French are the world consumers (потребители)of psychotropic drugs (психотропные наркотики). About one fourth of the population uses anti-depressant or tranquillisers (транквилизаторы).

  • Gothic art (готическое искусство) has its origins (происходит) in the middle of the 12th century in the North of France.

  • In France, in exceptional cases (в исключительных случаях)it is possible to marry a deceased person with the authorisation of the President of the Republic (возможно жениться на уже покойном человеке с позволения президента).

  • There are some 40,000 châteaux (castles, manors, palaces... дворцы) in France.

  • There are over 300 kinds of cheese made in France.

  • France is the country that has won (выйграть)the most Nobel prizes for literature (13 as of 2005, with the last prize going back to 1985).

  • Famous French inventions include the hot air balloon, the airship(дирежабль), the parachute, the submarine, the ambulance service (скорая помощь), photography, animation and cinema

Hope that one day you will go to France

5. The Netherlands (Holland)

Land & People

Dutch (голландцы)people are the tallest (самые высокие) in the world, with an average height of 184 cm for men and 170 cm for women.


Gin (джин) was invented (был изобретен) in the Netherlands under the name of Jenever. It was first sold as a medicine in the late 16th century.

The Dutch were the first Europeans (были первыми европейцами)to discover Australia and New Zealand in the 17th century.

Although the Portuguese (хотя Португалия) were the first( первой) Europeans to "discover" tea in East Asia(восточная Азия), it was the Dutch who introduced the beverage commercially (впервые начали продавать)to Europe in 1610. Tea didn't reach England until the 1650's.

The Netherlands has two capitals (две столицы): Amsterdam (the official capital by constitution since the 19th century) and The Hague (Гаага)

Soft drugs (мягкие наркотики)(e.g. cannabis, "magic mushrooms волшебные грибочки") are legal in the Netherlands.

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. However, prostitutes must be at least 18, and clients must be at least 16.

The Dutch government has legalised same-sex marriages since 2001 and euthanasia since 2002.

  • The Netherlands has spawned many world-class painters, such as Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Vincent van Gogh .

  • microscope, the telescope, pendulum clock and the mercury thermometer are all 16th or 17th century Dutch inventions.

  • There are 1180 windmills in the Netherlands.

  • Famous Dutch companies include Philips, Akzo Nobel , Royal Dutch Shell (half-British), Unilever (half-British), Heineken, IKEA (formerly Swedish) as well as the banks ING, ABN-AMRO and Fortis (Belgian-Dutch).

Hope that one day you will go to the Netherlands

6. England

English people consume more tea per capita(потребляют больше чая на душу населения) than anybody else in the world

London used to be the largest (самый большой)and most influential (влиятельный) city in the world. With a population (население) of 12 million, it remains (остается)the largest city in Europe.

English people have the highest obesity rate (показатель ожирения среди населения) in the European Union (22.3% of men and 23% of women).

  • Fish and chips is their favourite meal.

  • British police do not carry guns (не носят оружия) except in emergencies.

  • Champagne was invented (было изебретено) in England, not in France. In 1662 scientist Christopher Merret presented a paper to the Royal Society in London describing how the addition of sugar (описывая, как добавление сахара может сделать вино искрящимся) and molasses to wine make it brisk and sparkling. This method, now known as méthode champenoise, was adopted by Dom Pérignon over 30 years later to produce the first sparkling wine in Champagne.

  • London Heathrow Airport is the world's busiest airports by international passenger traffic, and the third for total traffic (по количеству перевозимых пассажиров аэропорт номер один и третий в мире по количеству авиатранспорта).

  • London is the world's largest financial centre. (самый крупный финансовый центр мира).

Hope that one day you will go to England

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