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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Разноуровневые задания для учащихся 3 класса
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  • Иностранные языки

Разноуровневые задания для учащихся 3 класса


ГУ «Карабалыкская средняя школа имени Абая Кунанбаева отдела образования акимата Карабалыкского района»

Задания повышенной сложности

для учащихся 3 класса

по английскому языку.

Составили: Агрицко В.Н., Жанабаева Ж.Г.

    1. учебный год

Lexical module

  • Match opposite meaning:

1. merry a) old

2 sunny b) stupid

3.young c) sad

4.long d) cloudy

5.clever e) short

  • Find colour for animals:


a mouse




a crocodile




a fox




a whale




a flamingo




a bear


black and white


a zebra




a chicken



  • Find eatable parts of words

















  • Complete by one word in each line:

a) an apple, a banana, an orange,

b) a nose, an ear, a cheek,

c) a sheep, a cow, a rabbit,

d) a table, an armchair, a shelf,

e) a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room,

  • Circle the right answer

1. This animal is green and small and can jump.

A) mouse B) frog C) snake

2. I can fly and sing songs. Who am I?

A) fly B) bird C) butterfly

3. I like to eat grass and give people milk.

A) horse B) sheep C) cow

4. This animal can crawl and people are afraid of it.

A) mouse B) crocodile C) snake

5. This animal is very big and grey. It lives in India and in Africa.

A) zebra B) elephant C) giraffe

6. This animal is very funny, lives in the jungle, can climb the trees and jump

A) bear B) rabbit C) monkey

Reading module

  • Read the email and mark the sentences True or False:

Hi! My name is Pierre. I’m French and I’m from Paris. I’m 19 years old. I’m short and have got dark hair and brown eyes. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite food is pizza.

What about you?

Your e-mail friend,


1. Pierre is French. ………

2. He is eighteen. ………

3. Pierre’s favourite colour is blue. ………

4. He likes fish and chips. .........

5. Pierre has got blue eyes. ……..

  • Read the text and underline the necessary words:


Mike is a boy. His hair is (short, long, blue). His eyes are (orange, violet, black). His nose is (long, short, green). He (wears, jumps, runs) a yellow shirt and grey (trousers, map, flag). His (books, boots, pencils) are black.

  • Read the text and tick the right answer:

The clever little bird.

A little bird comes and sits under a tree. A big grey cat comes to the tree, too. He sees a little bird.

I am hungry”, the cat says and comes near the bird. But the little bird is very clever. She sees the cat and jumps into the tree.

Hello, little Bird,” says the cat.

Good news!” says the cat.

The cat says, “ Very good news! All animals are friends now! Come to me. I want to speak to you. I like you very much.”

Yes, she says. “ You are my friend, I know it. You like me and I like you. But from this tree I can see the forest”

And what do you see in the forest?” says the cat. The

bird says, “ I see many dogs and they are near the tree”.

Dogs!” says the cat and wants to run away.

Don,t run away’. The dogs know that all animals are friends,” says the bird.

I know the news, you know the news, but the dogs don’t know the news,” says the cat and runs away.

1 ) Who comes and sits under a tree?

a) A dog b) a bird c) A duck

2) What colour is the cat?

a) Black b) White c) Grey

3) What does the bird do when she sees the cat?

a) She jumps into the tree

b) She comes to the cat.

c) She comes to the dogs.

4) Why does the cat come near the bird?

a) He likes the bird and wants to be her friend .

b) He wants to speak to the bird.

c) He is hungry.

5) What is the good news?

a) The bird likes the cat.

b) All animals are friends now.

c) The dogs are near the tree.

Grammar module

  • Make negative sentences:


Sally likes to skip. 2.________________________________________________________________.

Betty has a blue ball.


My doll can open her eyes.

4. ______________________________________________________________.

Her hair is short.


I like to wear a white blouse.


I am very well.

  1. _____________________________________________________________.

She has a red dress.

  1. _____________________________________________________________.

His legs are short and fat.

  • Read the text and put the right verbs’ form:

Michael Jackson (was /were) from America. He (is/was/were) one of the most popular singers. He (was/were) a wonderful dancer too. He (love/loved) children and animals very much. He (like/liked/likes) Walt Disney films and he (is/was/were) a good roller-skater. He (have/had/has) a short but interesting life.

  • Make up questions to the text

  • Write the dates:

Example: The first of September is the first day of school

  1. _____________________________is the New Year.

b) _________________________is Christmas in England.

c) _________________________is Christmas in Russia.

d) ____________________ is the women’s (женский) day.

c) ____________________________is the Children’s day.

    • Put the verb to be in Present and Past Tense

    1. I ……in England last summer.

    2. We .…… happy to see you.

    3. He ……. at school yesterday.

    4 You …… a student a year ago.

    Fill the missing words, than translate sentences and write them:

Dear friend

My name ____ Kate. I ____ six. I ____ not a pupil. I ______ got a cat and a dog.

My dog ______ grey. My cat _______ black and white. My pets _____ funny.


  • Read the text and underline the mistakes:

I’ve goted a friend. Her name is Mike. He is eleven. He are from Great Britain. He like fishing in summer and skating in winter. He is brave and always ready to help. Mike is a pupil. His favourite subjects is Maths, Nature Study, Art and English. He can do sums, sing English songs and draw. Mike helps her mother and father after school.

  • Translate sentences:

1. Сегодня холодно?


2. Сегодня жарко?


3. Сегодня солнечно.


4. Сегодня ветрено.


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