Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыРазработка этапа урока по аудированию_лексика неофициального стиля общения по теме "Тесные узы"

Разработка этапа урока по аудированию_лексика неофициального стиля общения по теме "Тесные узы"

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Выбранный для просмотра документ разработка этапа аудирования в уроке английского языка_Батова_2020 (1).docx

Этап аудирования в уроке английского языка


Тема: «Strong Ties. Informal style». Формирование навыков аудирования на уроке английского языка по теме «Тесные узы. Неофициальный стиль».

Учитель: Батова Е. В., учитель английского языка

МОУ Новопетровская СОШ

Класс: 10

Урок пятый в теме. В разделе «Неофициальный стиль общения в разговоре и письмах»

Учебно-методический комплект: Spotlight 10” Ваулина Ю. Е. Подоляко О. Е. и др.



·         Научить четко распознавать чужую речь на английском языке, увеличить словарный запас


·         Развивать способность идентифицировать на слух стилистически специализированный словарь



·         Формировать познавательный интерес и неравнодушие к жизненным историям других людей, воспитывать уважение к друг другу.


Используемое оборудование и раздаточный материал

- приложение для прослушивания звуковых файлов, установленное на персональном компьютере, колонки для трансляции звука;

- распечатанные экземпляры с текстом в количестве учащихся, присутствующих на уроке

На предтекстовом этапе учитель организует повторение ранее изученной активной лексики модуля, проводит устный опрос или небольшой (5-6 слов) словарный диктант.

T: Now, revise our active word list and get ready to answer/ write a dictation.

Затем, учитель задает вопрос:

T: Think over, when and what kinds of speech may we use this word list in?

S1: We can use it in informal letters sent, for example, to our friends.

S2: We also can use our active word list in spoken English.

T: You are right.

Текстовый этап включает организацию работы с текстом: установку, собственно чтение и применение на практике слуховой способности распознать активный словарь.


 T: And now look at the text. Read it yourselves and try to replace the words in bold with any colloquial words and word combinations, not only from our WL, but with any ones you know.


Спустя некоторое время, учитель обращается к ученикам и предлагает им послушать данный текст дважды.

T: And now listen to the text attentively and check the words you have replaced. The text will be played twice.


Now we are ready to start.


Presenter: Hello everybody and welcome to our program “Five minutes with the star”. Today we have a (famous) actor Greg Jones. Hello, Greg! So nice to see you today. Thanks for coming.


Greg: Hi everybody! (I’m enjoy being) here with all of you today.

Presenter: So, your acting career is on another height at the moment. To what do you (refer) this?

Greg: I think having a happy home really helps. It took a long time for me to archive that. I (some time ago) put a lot of pressure on myself and accomplished things: make money, gain experience. And I wasn’t a proper father and husband when I was younger. I learned a lot from my fallers in the past. Now, with my wife Dina I’ve been able to realize what really matters and devote myself to her and to (bringing up) our daughter Merlin.


Presenter: I see. And you (communicate closely) with your older children?


Greg: Yes. (as a matter of fact), Dina is the person who gets everyone together. She doesn’t (ourage) my previous marriage. She got anointment with my first wife and it’s been really wonderful for me to see her be (outgoing) and want everybody to appreciate that.

Presenter: Is it (difficult) to raise a young daughter in your 60s?

Greg: Absolutely not! I have more time, I understand more about being a father and watching her (become an adult) has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. She is an (wonderful) girl. Very bright, very spirited. It’s the first time when I’ve been really able to be (such a sort of) father that I wanted to be, but (due to) my career ambitions I never allow myself a chance to spent that kind of time with my older children.

Presenter: Speaking about your career, what was your first big ambition?

Greg: Well, when I was younger, I wanted to become a jazz musician, which got somehow sided when I (joined) the army. After that, it took a long time for me to get any good acting roles until I started to doing westerns. It took many years, (since) I became quite famous, for me to understand what I really wanted to do.

Presenter: That’s interesting. And (do you mind) retiring?

Greg: Age is just a state of mind. And I’m lucky as retirement isn’t (valid)  for actors and directors. I planned on not working after I was 39. But here I am at 69 and enjoy working on today and I’ve ever done. I think I shall (continue) while I have all these strength and energy.

Presenter: Do you feel you have (grasped any sense) about life that you would like to share with us?

Greg: Life really (takes its course) you plan it. There are good things and bad things that happen to you all the time. And you have to be able to admit that, deal with it and move on! (In my earlier years), I was angry at the world, always full of ambitions, but now, finally, I’ve been able to relax.

Presenter: Ok, and my final question: what do you see as your biggest accomplishment?

Greg: Well, my life now is exactly how I hoped it could be 20 years ago. Lots of things are important: my 4 children, professional (achievement). But I’d say finding a good partner in life is (real) happiness for me.



На послетекстовым этапе после второго прослушивания учащиеся вместе с учителем проверяют правильность замены выделенных слов и объясняют употребление лексики, используемой в неофициальных стилях.


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