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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыРазработка интеллектуального состязания "Вызов науке" 7 класс

Разработка интеллектуального состязания "Вызов науке" 7 класс


Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

Интеллектуальное состязание "Science challenge"

  • Шердакова Виктория Владиславовна учитель английского языка

  • Четверикова Юлия Сергеевна  учитель английского языка

Цели: повышение интереса к английскому языку


1.Развивать языковые, интеллектуальные и творческие способности учащихся. 2.Воспитывать чувства товарищества, коллективизма, взаимопомощи и ответственности 3. Прививать чувство гордости за достижения ученых

Оборудование: карточки с заданиями, презентации, проектор, экран, компьютер.

Вступительное слово

Teacher1: Good afternoon, everybody! Today we will have an unusual intellectual competition "Science challenge".СЛАЙД 1 At first I want to ask you- When do Russians celebrate Science Day?(ответы учеников) It is on the 8th of February and our competition we want to devote to this day. СЛАЙД 2

 Teacher2: At the beginning of our competition we need to know-What is it: science?

СЛАЙД 3 (ответы учеников)

Pupil 1: Science covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the relationships among those facts. The word “science” comes from the Latin word “scientia”, which means “knowledge”. Scientists study a wide variety of subjects. Science has enormous influence on our lives. It provides the basis of much of modern technology - the tools, materials, techniques, and sources of power that make our lives and work easier.

Pupil 2: The discoveries of scientists also help to shape our views about ourselves and our place in the universe. It’s difficult to overestimate the role of science and technology in our life. They accelerate the development of civilization and help us in our co-operation with nature. Science always has to fight against heavy odds, for it always tries to show how useful something may be to people who don’t want to listen, knowing that the very moment they will be persuaded, they will use a yet another product of science against what has created it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a scientist is the hero of modern day,

Pupil 3:  Scientists investigate the laws of the universe, discover the secrets of nature, and apply their knowledge in practice improving the life of people. The creation of the Academy of Sciences is directly connected with Peter the Great’s reformer activities aimed at strengthening the state, its economic and political independence. Peter the Great understood the importance of scientific thought, education and culture for the prosperity of the country. 

СЛАЙД 4 (правильный ответ)

Teacher 1: Dear boys and girls, let’s start our quiz "Science challenge". At first let me to present our teams (команды встают капитан говорит название девиз и представляет игроков)

Teacher 2: We wish you success. It’s time to begin. The quiz has 5 tasks. СЛАЙД 5

Teacher 1: Task I Fields of Science СЛАЙД 6 You will put the words and word combinations in the right place (на доске перемешаны слова, нужно подобрать к науке название учёного и что изучает наука) По очереди.


Name of Scientist




People and their societies



Ancient societies



Living things



Substances and chemicals



Land and water



The mind



Physical objects and natural forces

Teacher 2  Task 2 Its time for the second task. Now we will find out how well do you know scientists and what were they famous for? (на доске ученые и чем они прославились-сопоставить по очереди)СЛАЙД 7


1. Samuel Colt designed and patented a pistol.

2. Charles Makintosh developed a rubber solution that was used in raincoat production. 3. Samuel Finley Morse invented the telegraphic dot-and-dash alphabet.

4. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce created the world famous Rolls-Royce car. 5. S.P.Korolyov was a founder of practical cosmonautics. He was the chief constructor of the first Earth sputniks and spaceships.

6. M.Lomonosov is the father of the Russian sciences and outstanding poet the founder of Russian literature.

7 Charles Darwin introduced the idea of natural selection to the world, backing up his theories on evolution

8 Isaac Newton developed the theory of universal gravitation as well as his famous three laws of motion,

Teacher 1 Task 3 «Guess the instrument» СЛАЙД 8 Lets do the third task. Its “5 black boxes” We will try to solve the riddle and tell us, what science application is there in the box. You have three minutes. (на слайде загадки, ответы на которые находятся в чёрных ящиках. Команды совещаются 3 минуты и сдают правильные ответы учителю. Затем мы открываем ящики и проверяем правильный ли ответ)

A - telescope 
B - microscope 
C - ruler 
D – scales 
E – speedometer 

1. This device is a pair of pans or plates for weighing an object or objects, the instrument is connected with the term «balance». 

2. It is a scientific instrument that makes extremely small things look larger, so that they can be seen properly and examined scientifically. 

3. This is a tubelike scientific instrument that makes distant objects look nearer and larger. 

4. It is a special instrument for showing how fast the speed of an object is. 

5. It is a long narrow flat piece of wood, plastic or metal with straight edges, which is marked with centimeters (or inches) and used for measuring things or for drawing straight lines. 

Teacher 2 Its time to remember the verbs which connected with science. You will find the right meaning for each verb. Task 4 СЛАЙД 10

Science Verbs 




To learn about something


To find something for the first time


To make something for the first time


To investigate something


To make a guess about the future

Solve problems

To find solutions or answers


To show that something is correct or true

Teacher1 Are you tired? I think its time to have a little rest. Representatives from each team,please go to the blackboard. You will repeat your exercises.  РАЗМИНКА ПОД МУЗЫКУ СЛАЙД 11-12

Teacher2 Lets continue our competition. Now we will see how intelligent and attentive are your captains

Конкурс капитанов Conversation Questions for captains

  • What science subjects did you study at school?

  • Do you like to read about scientific discoveries in the news?

  • How important do you think science is?

  • Do you always trust science?

  • Who is your favourite scientist?

  • What questions will science never answer?

Teacher 1 Well, thank to our captains. And now we will play blitz tournament. Each team read and tell is this statement true or false. БЛИЦ ТУРНИР Task 5 ( по очереди каждой команде, если неправильно, то может ответить другая команда)СЛАЙД 13-27

1. True or false? Electrons are larger than molecules.

2. True or false? The Atlantic Ocean is the biggest ocean on Earth.

3. True or false? The chemical make up food often changes when you cook it.

4. True or false? Sharks are mammals.

5. True or false? The human body has four lungs.

6. True or false? Venus is the closest planet to the Sun.

7. True or false? Water is an example of a chemical element.

8. True or false? The study of plants is known as botany.

9. True or false? Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in the world.

10. True or false? Spiders have six legs.

11. True or false? The human skeleton is made up of less than 100 bones.

12 True or false? 4 is a natural number.

13 True or false? The Dead Sea is 8.6 times more salty than the ocean.

14 True or false? A parallelogram features three pairs of parallel sides.

15 True or false? A salamander is a warm blooded animal

 Teacher 2  Well done! Your work was excellent and now we’ll count your points and find out what team is the winner.

But at the end of our competition we want to show you a short video about the most popular physicist since Einstein. His 1998 book 'A Brief History of Time' was a bestseller. Do you know his name? Yes, it is Steve Hawking and his unusual life story.

( пока ученики смотрят видео учителя подсчитывают баллы и определяют победителя)

Teacher 1 Congratulations to the winner!!!  Thank for your good job!

Teacher 2 We wish you to be hardworking and successful and maybe somebody will be a famous scientist in future. Good luck!

Дополнительное задание на карточках;

What is the chemical symbol for gold? Au

Do male or female mosquitoes bite people? . Female

A person who studies physics is known as a? Physicist

The highest mountain on earth is? Mount Everest

What is the first name of the famous scientist who gave us Newton’s three laws of motion? . Isaac

Electric power is typically measured in what units? Watts

What comes after a million, billion and trillion? . A quadrillion

Can frogs live in salt water? no

Diamonds are the hardest known substance. Yes

Which famous scientist introduced the idea of natural selection? Charles Darwin

52 divided by 4 .? 13

What is the biggest planet in our solar system? Jupiter

The distance from the center of a circle to its edge is called what? The radius

What scientist is well known for his theory of relativity? . Albert Einstein

Earth is located in which galaxy? The Milky Way galaxy


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