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Разработка контрольно-измерительных материалов по английскому языку для 5 класса I четверть в условиях реализации ФГОС

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Контрольная работа для 5 класса, I четверть (В.П.Кузовлев, Н.М. Лапа и другие, учебник 2014 года)

I. Listening Comprehension

Emmy is talking about her school life.

Mark the following sentences with “T” if the information is true or “F” if it is false. You will hear the text twice.

  1. Emmy is fourteen years old. ______________________________

  2. Emmy studies at Earlham High School. ____________________

  3. Emmy’s subjects are not difficult._________________________

  4. On October they’ll take a school trip to France. ______________

  5. Emmy’s parents are not strict about talking with strangers. ____________________________________________________

  6. Emmy must follow the rules. _____________________________

The text:

Hi! My name is Emmy. I’m thirteen years old. I study at Springfield School. There I learn science, geography, technology and some other subjects. I think they are not difficult. Besides, we have a lot of interesting activities this autumn. In September we celebrated going back school and competed in tennis with teachers. In October we had a Halloween Party. In November we’ll take a school trip to France. In December we’ll celebrate the end of the term. Also I like spending time with my friends. But I must follow the rules. I must ask for my parents’ permission before I go anywhere. I must be very cautious of strangers. My mum says a stranger can trick me. I like using Internet, but I mustn’t use it alone. I should think about my safety.

Ответы: 1- F, 2- F, 3- T, 4- F, 5- F, 6- T

II. Reading Comprehension

Katya is an exchange student. She spent a week in England. Read the information and tick the questions which have an answer in the text.

Two weeks ago we went on our exchange trip to England. Now I’m going to tell you about it. We stayed at Springfield School. Every morning we had English lessons, and in the evenings we took part in sporting or entertaining activities. Usually On September 8th they celebrate going back to school. In this autumn they have a Halloween Party, sport competitions with teachers, take part in a Christmas Fair. As for their classrooms, they are big and nice there. The lessons begin at 9 a.m. Children study different subjects: English, French, History, Maths, Art, PE, Geography, Technology. Every day we visited different famous sights or went on excursions to other cities. We spent a week in Springfield. Everybody enjoyed the trip. I think exchange programmes are important and we need them.

  1. Does Katya go on the exchange trip to England?

  2. What school uniform do children wear?

  3. What activities did Katya have at Springfield School?

  4. When does the school term begins at Springfield School?

  5. What subjects do children have?

  6. How many weeks did Katya spend in England?

  7. Does Katya need such exchange programmes?

Ответы: галочкой нужно пометить вопросы 1, 3, 4, 5,6,7 (все, кроме 2)

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