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Разработка меропрятия по "бизнес английскому"

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Выполнила: учитель английского

языка МБОУ «Гимназия №26»

Города Набережные Челны

Мансурова Е.В.


Цели: развивать интерес к изучению Английского языка

учить использованию полученных знаний

повышать культурный уровень

Задачи: формировать навыки говорения

Закрепление языковых единиц в речи

Оборудование: карточки с заданиями, доска, магнитофон, проектор

Ход занятия

  1. Организационный Этап

Teacher: Dear friends! Welcome to the English courses for young businessmen. We have been discussing the problems of business for more than a half a year, as a result of our work you’ll have an opportunity to use your knowledge in different situations. I’m far from imagining that all of you will become businessmen, but I believe that the knowledge og business will be of some use in your future occupation and every day life. We have to ask for help our teachers who will be our jury and two volunteers to help to lead the game and count and write down the score. Today two teams will compete. Well, let’s start.

2. 1-й конкурс The first task for you is to represent your teams.

3. 2-й конкурс The next task is to translate from Russian into English (1). Each right answer will be a point for your team. Spectators can also help your teams.

4. 3-й конкурс Thank you very much. While our jury’s counting your points please get another task: here is an instruction of presentation of your business. You’ve got 7 min to discuss the task and be ready.

5. Игра с болельщиками Let’s get some points for your favorite team. Please find 10 words from the WORD-PUZZLE. (Spectators) (2)

Well, thank a lot. Our jury, would you tell us the result.

Our teams are ready. Let’s listen to them. ( teams’ presentations)

6 . 4-й конкурс You’re great. We see that you’re so good at this kind of job. What’s about dialogues? Please captains, come up and take the cards for making business talks.(3) (3 min)

7. Игра с болельщиками

Let’s help our teams to get more points. Here is chain word. (4) there are 7 words in it translate from Russian and get points. (Spectators)

Well done! Thanks. And our teams are ready. Each dialogue-2 points.

8. 5-й конкурс Now, captains, we’d like to know how good you are ant business letters. Please listen to the radio advertisement and write your personal profile and ask to give you this job. (5)

While they are busy with the letters, we’ll increase your language level. Here is the information about English language courses. You have to phone there and ask to accept you. Dialogue shouldn’t be long. (3min)

9. игра с болельщиками

Our funs, please, don’t be sad. Guess what famous companies I mean

“ Digitally yours”

“We are working when you are resting”

Well, it’s time to listen to the dialogues.

Dear jury, would you tell us the score.

10. 6-й конкурс

Fine! A good businessmen should have a good sense of humor. There are 5 part of joke here. (6) Put them into correct order.(1min)

11. Подведение итогов.

Well, let’s ask our jury to tell us who is the winner.

Thanks a lot. Now it’s time to give you certificates, for all of you.



to deliver-доставлять,

to run business-руководить,

to be in charge of-отвечать за,

to be responsible for- отвечать за,

to be in demand-пользоваться спросом,


to sign-подписывать,

a discount-скидка

equipment- оборудование




1 if you can give a name to your company

2 if you prefer to be sole owner or you’ll try to find partners

3 if it is a family business, what functions can be given to your relatives

4what makes you think that your business is a success

5 how large your company’s staff is

6 what troubles you are going to meet

7 if your business is profitable one

8 what product you produce


Advantage, railway ,long term contract, to be worth promising

-Do you know anything about a….. to built a high-speed… between Moscow and St. Petersburg?

- Yes, certainly. This project…. Discussing.

- What…. Do you see in it?

- I suppose many countries are interested in it. It is…

- Well, soon you’ll get to Moscow in 2 hours



Radio advertisement

Trainee receptionist/Sales Representative

Required by busy advertising agent in city center.

If you have good skills in this sort of work and lovely personality we can train you in all other aspects of this job.

Write giving age, qualification and address to John Brown, Personal Manager, Adnews,19A, High Street, Newtonmoor, NM4.


  1. Finally he called a plumber who fixed everything in about half an hour and gave him a bill for 75 pounds.

  2. My bank manager had a lot of troubles with his hot water system.

  3. I am not surprised”, sais the plumber. “Neither did I when I was a bank manager.”

  4. But that works out at 150 pounds an hour,” said the bank manager.

  5. I am a bank manager and I don’t make that kind of money.”


Список использованной литературы:

Business English elementary, Oxford University Press, 2002

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